Don't Come Back from the Moon


Drama / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 91%
IMDb Rating 4.6 10 345


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James Franco as Roman Smalley
Rashida Jones as Eva Smalley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by westsideschl 4 / 10

So Dads Run Off

If you want to watch life in a small nowhere town go nowhere as a few fathers lose interest & move out leaving wives & kids to not do much but mope around then this should entertain you. No subtitles so you know dialogue is not important. Why isn't it the mom's who run off?

Reviewed by thesidneyhouse 1 / 10

Bait & Switch

There is nothing relating to science fiction in this film. We agonized though a porta-John of teenage angst only to emerge covered in a stinky blue slime of disappointment. Yet another Millenial flop. Hated it!

Reviewed by juanmuscle 10 / 10

I really really enjoyed this...

I thought it very cool for James Franco to make an appearance in this, and a nice appearance it was; this is very indie, very imaginative and spell binding, I felt quite bad for everyone living without a father figure , it really resonates with single families and the ending really impaled the exclamation mark to what it takes to become a very strong and wonderful parent. Very interesting.. based on a book I wonder if it was as good as this movie, the kid thespian were very impressive, lets see what they will do in the near future...

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