Black Cop



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 83%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 63%
IMDb Rating 5.1 10 476

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Ronnie Rowe as Black Cop
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dontcallmedudeplease 10 / 10

Timely and Relevant

This intense and engaging film authentically explores modern racial profiling and police violence in a way that is so in your face it is hard to ignore. Ronnie Rowe Jr. delivers an exceptional performance as the title character Black Cop. He is bitter and discontented yet I felt myself drawn to his character and quietly cheering for him. When Black Cop is racially profiled off duty something in him snaps fueling a journey we are called to follow where he spends the day in the more privileged white community using excessive hostility and threats of physical violence. Sophia Walker is wonderful in the supporting role, her emotions are divided and she portrays that well.

The film examines multiple perspectives of the same issue, challenging the viewer to explore racial bias, police violence and their own thoughts and feelings in regards. I think the entire movie is audacious. The filmmaker entertains us with satire and profound drama that invites us to draw our own conclusions, whatever that may be.

I left this movie feeling like I had a responsibility to investigate my own racial literacy. This is a film that has the potential to birth many critical conversations and influence change making it extremely timely and relevant.

You will talk about this movie long after the credits have rolled.

Reviewed by wildchance-98342 10 / 10


It is really hard to find original content these days, everything seems to be a remake, a re-do or a half-hearted part two. Black Cop is not only original it is unique. From the filming, to the music to the un-named title character known to the viewer only as Black Cop, Black Cop oozes authenticity, relentless satire and dark drama. It made me think, it made me cheer, it made me question. I am a fan!

Reviewed by momjeansonherderriere-55981 10 / 10


Black Cop pulled emotions out of me that were surprising and quite honestly a little bit uncomfortable. The entire movie was a catalyst for important conversation and throughout I felt angry, ashamed and humbled. I feel like we are too often quick to discount the experiences of another when they differ from our own. We are guilty of looking out of our own tiny windows at a very small picture and believing that because that is our truth, it is everyone's. Black Cop follows a day in the life of a character known by the same name, simply Black Cop. The decision to not name the title character or the city where the film unfolds was a bold move by writer/director Cory Bowles. It was a brilliant decision and though I think that some people won't allow themselves to recognize that this story could have unfolded anywhere and involved anyone, those that go in open minded will be touched by it in a big way.

Reminiscent of Michael Douglas's Falling Down, Black Cop is an in your face Dramedy that is unafraid to to sift through human emotion and pull out of the wreckage, the different perspectives and stories from several points of view. When Black Cop is racially profiled off duty his priorities shift, his judgement becomes cloudy, and we see what happens when you get pushed to your breaking point.

I commend Bowles for his defiance so to speak, his ability to explore the grey areas of the stories without once telling you how to think or feel but nevertheless dragging emotions out of you that are disquieting.

This is an important film and though I thought I was pretty socially conscious, I found myself desperate to tuck my white privilege in as I left the theatre. No matter what perspective you leave with, the film is a no holds barred fast paced exploration of current race relations accompanied by an incredible soundtrack. You will not be disappointed.

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