Black Dog


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 11%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 60%
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Patrick Swayze as Jack Crews
Brenda Strong as Melanie
Meat Loaf as Red
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheGDfather 5 / 10

Not sure what ever one else is seeing?

I have to give this movie a 5 and I'm pretty light on these reviews. And maybe I'm different than a lot of other people Not sure what they were watching but I'm a patrick swayze fan and an 80's fan. Plus I re-watched this movie recently right next to my girlfriend who actually drives truck for a company. So she could explain all the things in it they are mentioned. Which that didn't bother me. I love when its new things they don't explain it to to you in a film. Not every one who watches the movies needs to be spoon fed. If they do then they need to buy the movie re watch it over.

But for Patrick Swayze alone I'm giving this a 5. Sorry but meatloaf was funny but his acting was great. And I will continue to post about the lack of female characters and their limited role. This lady was just a good looking and her acting was pretty damn terrible. I mean really. And I was going to let her slide but I can't. Its not original either especially around the time this got made. Their were tons of low budget films where a husband had to support his family or got himself involved with criminals where they threatened the family. And then the plot went on. Kind of reminds me of those late 80's Steven Seagal movies.

But the movie is for me a must not watch. I guess cause I was looking of the "next of kin" and picked this up on blue ray for cheap. So I even watched in 1080 and wasn't impressed which says a lot. Cause I watch older movies in 1080 and I just give them 4 points just off the fact I can actually see well into the background.

I maybe faulting this movie cause its about trucking and the plot which its there but its just all over the place. Even where the black FBI agent gets shot. Pretty stupid and out of line. The part where the guy is telling locations is pretty dumb. It got so predictable when he went to open the crate up I said to my girlfriend "those are guns". How many movies, (lethal weapon, Beverly hills cop and many others) where they had guns in a crate. My girlfriend even had to explain what weight they had to be at and how close they were to not making weight for a truck. Something the director didn't even play into when they weighed the truck. And then the guard let him go.

So the FBI risked a truck with guns, with an agent in it and let them drive it with a person with no license. Don't even get me going on the black dog. My girlfriend had no clue what that is or she didn't really think it was big deal. Cause she barely blinked an eye when that seen came on explaining it.

They had some things blowing up, it was good for them. They really missed out on a lot of things in this movie. A couple of great fight scenes in this movie would have been nice and more sarcasm. This was the 90's. Where is the sarcasm at? And this was made in 1998 with movies like saving private Ryan and pleasanttville? Nope not buying the plot.

They lacked creativity on this one. This was like a smokey in the bandit mixed with out for justice. Its very rare I review a movie with this low rating and must not see but I have to for this one. It will collect dust in my blu ray collection.

And one more thing that could have saved this movie is the lead FBI agent. She was terrible. The police set the tone for the whole movie. The make you feel a good chase coming along. They are about the suspense. And just like in real life police have sarcasm. You should leave a film feeling as they were on the right path then something went wrong at ever turn. Ups and downs like real detectives and real cases. This case made you feel like "put the paper work on my desk I will arrest them when necessary"

Reviewed by kapelusznik18 6 / 10

There's nothing like a caterpillar engine

***SPOILERS*** Better then you would have expected action flick staring the late, who sadly left us in 2009, Patrick Swayze as trucker Jack Crews who's house as well as future of his family in on the line if he doesn't come up with $10,000.00 to pay off him home mortgage or else end up being thrown out on the street. With his commercial license suspended due to a vehicular homicide conviction Jack has no choice but to take a job gun running military hardware from Atlanta to Newark for the mob that if caught can put him away for the rest of his life.

While in transit the person who organized the gun running operation Frank Cutler,Graham Beckel, has a falling out with his partner Red, Meat Loaf, putting Jack behind the eight ball with Red doing everything to keep him from making the trip. That includes Red having Jackk's wife & daughter Melanie & Tracy, Brenda Strong & Erin Broderick, kidnapped and threatened with death if he tries to successfully complete it! Non-stop action on the highways and side roads from Georgia to New Jersey with Jack pulling out all stops and wrecking some dozen cars and trucks as he's chased by Red's goons as well as the FBI and ATF lead by Agents Allen "Butterball" Ford, Charles C. Dutton, and Joe McClaren,Stephen Tobolowsky, trying to-For different reasons-to stop him.

****SPOILERS**** Very shocking and unexpected final just when you thought that the movie was finally over with a fired up Red who already had his goose cooked by Jack-And by now having completely lost it- and the ATF & FBI making a last desperate attempt to knock off Jack and his family just for sheer and naked revenge. That in Jack dumping all the $3000,000.00 worth in military equipment on his truck with the help of his trucker partner Earl, Randy Travis, into Chesapeake Bay only to get himself burned to a crisp and-as for his Meatloaf cooked well done-pulverized in the end.

Reviewed by ivo-cobra8 10 / 10

Patrick Swayze's third personal favorite underrated best action film he ever did!

Black Dog (1998) is Patrick Swayze's underrated unappreciated explosive, nonstop high-speed adrenaline-pumping highway road war action film! This is my third favorite personal favorite Patrick Swayze's film! The first two are Road House and Steel Dawn, but Black Dog is my third favorite film and I love this film to death! Just recently finished watching this and I love it so damn much. I love Patrick Swayze's characters Nomad, Dalton and Jack Crews those are all my favorite characters! Directed by Kevin Hooks the director who directed awful Die Hard copycat film Passenger 57 and Fled, this film is very decent and a damn solid good action film of the 90's and finally Kevin Hooks made a movie that I love.

"The only way to stay alive is to keep moving."

Plot: An ex-con takes a job driving a truck cross country. What he doesn't know is that the truck is filled with illegal weapons and now he must fight to survive and save his family.

Patrick Swayze is back and he teams up with Randy Travis and Meat Loaf to deliver explosive, nonstop high-speed action in this adrenaline-pumping highway road war. A 40-ton truck is a lethal weapon and veteran driver Jack Crews (Swayze) knows how to use it. Desperate for cash, he's got one last delivery to make. The trip's barely begun when he and partner Earl (Travis) discover they've been set up and are being chased by Red (Meat Loaf), a relentless fanatic who's as deadly as he is greedy. Now, with his family, his life and his freedom on the line, Jack's going to buckle up, put the pedal down and show Red and the Feds a thing or two about road rage. After being double-crossed and rudely underestimated, Jack and Earl shift gears, becoming a two-man wrecking crew, trucking down the highway blazing a trail of diesel-powered destruction.

This film is for all of truck drivers out there, this movie is great not to many movies like this. Trucker that does not know of this movie, it is not a trucker. This movie it should be in every driving school, great movie. The acting in this movie is very decent and solid, Patrick Swayze is always awesome and fantastic! Randy Travis as Patrick's partner was excellent! Meat Loaf as the villain in this movie was fantastic!

Jack Crews (Patrick Swayze) is an ex con and a truck driver who desperately needs the money to support his family and pay off his deb for the house. He accepts the offer from his manager to make a delivery from Atlanta to New Jersey a lot's of toilets' for $10,000 , so he thinks, this is cool easy money so he does what he is told too, on he's trip he find's out that he was set up and he is transporting illegal guns and now he has to fight for his life and for his family.

Black Dog is Patrick Swayze's best underrated highway speed action movie that was released before The Fast and the Furious come out, it is an action film of the late 90's that I will always cherish and love to death. This movie is very underrated solid action film. I love it to death. I have this movie on Blu-ray the same Patrick Swayze movie I have on Blu-ray are Steel Dawn, Road House and this film, they are all in my collection, but I don't have Uncommon Valor because that film was never released on Blu-ray, I am still waiting on the release.

Black Dog is a 1998 action film directed by Kevin Hooks and starring Patrick Swayze. The film tells the story of a trucker and ex-con who is manipulated into transporting illegal arms. The film co-stars musicians Randy Travis and Meat Loaf.

R.I.P. - Patrick Swayze (1952 - 2009) I really miss you so much and I wish you could do more bad ass action movies, I am your biggest fan and so was my mom we all miss you and we all love you, I love you to death! Black Dog (why doesn't THAT film get the cult/appreciation/notice of this POS), Steel Dawn (underrated) and Road House are my top 3 personal favorite Patrick Swayze movies he ever did!

This movie get's 10 out 10 for Patrick Swayze's best underrated action movie he ever did, alongside with Road House! But Road House for me will be his best action classic martial arts film a film of my childhood that I will always cherish it.

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