Summer School


Comedy / Romance

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Mark Harmon as Freddy Shoop
Shawnee Smith as Rhonda Altobello
Kirstie Alley as Ms. Robin Elizabeth Bishop
Fabiana Udenio as Anna-Maria Mazarelli
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ChainsawDaveandMisterShoop 10 / 10

One of the greatest 80s teen comedies ever made

While John Hughes seems to have the monopoly on 80s teen comedies, anyone who loved Ferris Bueller etc... should check out this Carl Reiner masterpiece. Great writing, flawless direction and perfect performances from the lead roles help this film portray summer, school, (as you could guess from the title)and teenage rebellion with charm and wit. Mark Harman is widely considered to have made his name on his looks, but the performance he gives in Summer School is one of a comedy master, with subtle hints of a father figure who never grew up himself. A timeless feel-good classic.

two thumbs up.

Reviewed by pattersonsmith 7 / 10

It Makes Me Laugh

This is not a great movie and it got bad reviews, but it stays in the movie rotations of many television stations. Why? Because it is funny. Just watch it and enjoy. It is really aimed at young teens and they will probably like it best.

Reviewed by Minkymouse 10 / 10

hilarious feel good film

This has to be the funniest film I have ever seen - no matter how many times I watch it I still laugh in all the same places. I love all the characters, but especially Freddy who has the right mix of cheese and charm and slobiness with a heart of gold and dashing good looks. And I love his dog too. He's soooo cute. Chainsaw and Dave are inspired, especially the scene where they turn the classroom into a horror scene, and their faces when the exchange student doesn't quite remove her bikini top. The only criticism I have is that at the beginning of summer the class is about twice the size, but mysteriously shinks until the exam at the end, and oh yes, it should have been twice as long. I really hope it gets released on DVD at some point.

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