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Jamie Chung as Carly
Virginia Madsen as Eileen
Michael Chiklis as Dale Lester
Cory Michael Smith as Adrian Lester
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ausdlk 4 / 10

Pull your heart strings FAIL

I really wanted to like it. I would have welcomed having a (strong) emotional response. It is an important time period. But... just too many silly plot holes and hard to believe character moments and interactions. Hmmmm... a grown man taking a bath and having tea with his mother in the bathroom with him?? The deus ex machina of Jesus-freak Dad tracking his son down in NYC and discovering he is gay months before the Christmas visit in the film but this not causing a reaction until the third act?? The loving little brother who sleeps through the big brother's final (literally) departure just so the screenwriter can have him listen to a tape from older brother later?? And, finally, the big brother just ASSUMING little brother is gay because he quit football and became a drama club nerd, and leaving him the aforementioned tape recording assuring him "don't worry, there are other people like you out there." Heart strings, tug... Presumptuous, much? I loved the "1985" short film but this film is a failed attempt to pull heart strings.

Reviewed by Red-125 9 / 10

It wasn't easy to be gay in Forth Worth in 1985

1985 (2018) was written and directed by Yen Tan. It stars Cory Michael Smith as Adrian, a young gay man who is out of the closet in NYC, but still in the closet in Fort Worth. Adrian is handsome and athletic. He doesn't look or act like the stereotyped version of a gay man.

His parents are working class evangelicals. All they want is for Adrian to marry Carly, the girl friend he left behind. (Jamie Chung, a Korean-American portrays Carly. It's interesting that no one objects to Adrian marrying an Asian-American woman.) Virginia Madsen plays Eileen, Adrian's loving mother. Michael Chiklis portray's Adrian's father Dale, who fulfills the stereotyped image of a tough, blue-collar right-wing guy.

This movie could have been a simple coming-out story, but it isn't. There are complexities within each character, and there are unexpected moments of love and concern.

We saw this film at The Little Theatre, as part of ImageOut, the excellent Rochester LGBT Film Festival. It will work well on the small screen.

1985 carries a weak IMDb rating of 6.8. I think it's better than that.

P.S. In a brilliant piece of programming, ImageOut showed the movie "Buddies" on the same day as it showed 1985. Buddies was produced in 1985. It was the first movie that openly referred to the HIV/AIDS crisis. The year 1985 was a really bad year to be gay.

Reviewed by rse 9 / 10

Heart breaking

If you lived through it (like I did) the film will wrench your heart. I thought black-and-white was a good idea because it certainly was a black era in the US.

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