Losers Take All



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Tania Raymonde as Wendy Horowitz
Kyle Gallner as Brian
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cekadah 9 / 10

These losers are winners

This movie Is just a an uncomplicated story of a group of young guys getting together to form a band named "Fingers" . They get the opportunity to hit the road and thus the story starts . The best part of this movie is the band itself and the singing . Gallner has a good voice and as I understand he actually did the singing . It's impressive!

A simple story without having to dip into the rough part of being in a rock band, on the road and looking for success . It's well worth watching !!

Reviewed by deloudelouvain 5 / 10

Apart of the music there's not much going on.

Following a starting band, watching their struggle to find gigs, fans or a company that wants to produce them, it's all déjà-vu to me. I'm not saying that the acting was bad or so as it wasn't but the story just lacks some enthusiasm and originality. It's all too cliché to be special. And for a comedy it clearly lacks of humor. It's not the couple funny moments there are that will make this a comedy I will remember. If you want to watch something simular but really funny than I recommend you watch Flight Of The Conchords (2007), a serie that deserved so much more credit. The good part of Losers Take All is the music. For once the music didn't suck so that's a good point. For the rest it's really nothing special.

Reviewed by johnnyhightest 10 / 10

The Fingers Were Hear!!!

As a veteran of the '80's and many failed bands, I was a bit leery of this movie. Nailing the whole post-punk indie band thing is a tall order. But hearing strains of someone covering the Zero Boys during the opening credits gave me hope. I was not disappointed! This was a masterpiece!

The principles made for a believable, enjoyable band. The original songs were genuinely good (I listen to movies on headphones because I'm almost deaf, and the production values were great). The supporting characters supplied plenty of levity and drama. Favorite line: "I've been in rehab longer than I was on drugs!"

If you are familiar with this period in music you will be tickled by the various subtle and not-so-subtle references to the era, which made the movie a fun trivia contest.

I know I'm not being very specific about things, as my ADD is quickly kicking in and I want to get this posted, but congratulations to everyone involved with this movie. You did a great job.

Oh yeah, the Bob Mould thing was meant to be funny, right?

All the best,

Johnny High Test

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