Blood Hunters


Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.2 10 404

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Torri Higginson as Marion
Julian Richings as Father Stewart
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 5 / 10

Why Am I Pregnant?

Ellie Barnes (Lara Gilchrist) loves her son and heroin. She overdoses in the street and wakes up pregnant in a hospital room strapped to a table. She manages to get herself loose, but the staff appears to be dead and emergency generator is running low. After scrambling around she finds enough people to make a film and discover people/creatures in latex suits with bug eyes are after them for their blood, with the details given later.

The film is monsters after people, and people trying to figure out a plan. There is some bad theology, a developing love story and a tear-jerker moment too. Much of the early part consists of Lara grunting, sniveling, panting, and breathing heavy while trying to hide. She grew tiresome fast. And PLOT SPOILER: When I lose a hand, a lot of blood and then cauterize it with a stove top, I am generally down for a good 20 minutes or more.

Guide: F-word. Corpse nudity. No sex.

Reviewed by darrenk-61219 3 / 10

Don't watch this. Find another movie

Just terrible. Once you see a 6'5" 260 lbs man let a 5'9" 100lbs wet man cut a wire, you'll realize it's too late and your more than 1 hour in. (Ask me) Script? Horrible. Plot? Horrible. Monster costume? Horrible (just like the aliens from the TV show Land of the Lost) Acting? Horrible, the only one who did a great job was Henry. The mother sound like she was having a orgasm just by breathing instead of sounding scared.

Reviewed by texasarcane 3 / 10

Good Premise But Falls Over In The Execution

Style is everything and this low budget horror film doesn't have much of it.

The premise is interesting. A woman overdoses and awakens pregnant in a hospital underground. There are monsters and they're not a bad idea, just underused.

The acting, dialogue and pacing is sub-par. Could have been a good film with a little more effort. The director tries several different story angles and none of them works.

Never really got off the ground and ending was disappointing. Low budget is not an excuse to make bad films. See my review of "Southbound" for a low budget horror film that is excellent on a low budget.

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