Bloody Homecoming


Action / Horror

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Lexi Giovagnoli as Loren Gregory
Grainne McDermott as Annie Morgan
Vincent Giovagnoli as Boy in Gym
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mjtsmm2027 7 / 10

By People who know their 80's slashers.

This is actually a good, fun low budget attempt to recapture the feel of an 80's slasher, with enjoyable results. Don't expect the reinvention of the horror film or anything approaching classic status. However it wasn't intended tone like that it seems.

It is made, I believe, by people who absolutely know their slashers and so all of the ingredients are here: the tragic back story prologue which sets off someone to take their revenge, the bitchy character, the red herrings and whodunnit, the killer's costume etc etc. Therefore lovers, like me, of great 80's slashers like My Bloody Valentine, The Prowler and so, can find something enjoyable here. A little love for it from me certainly..

Reviewed by Coventry 5 / 10

The 80's called... They want their clichés back!

During the annual homecoming dance, the students' most anticipated night of the year, an irritating jock gets trapped in a classroom following a banal incident and burns to death when a fire breaks out. Three years later, all of his friends that were involved that night are savagely knocked off by a killer in a fireman outfit and mask. Hey now, wait a minute… Where have I seen this before? Oh I remember! This exact same plot already formed the basis of pretty much every 80's slasher ever made! But hey, I'm not complaining, especially not since I'm always nagging that they don't make any more horror movies like they used to in the eighties. "Bloody Homecoming" features all the yummy ingredients of a good old-fashioned 80's slasher-stew. Apart from the textbook plot synopsis, there's also the ensemble cast of stereotypes (nerd, joker, popular prom queen and the perverted principal), gratuitous nudity provided by girls in the shower that are otherwise irrelevant to the plot, a variety of nasty killings through sharp objects and a denouement (as in: the revelation of the killer's identity) that is totally absurd and far-fetched. And yet, there are a few important elements that are missing in order to make "Bloody Homecoming" a truly successful and recommendable slasher throwback. For some reason, director Brian C. Weed does not manage to truly capture that irresistible 80's vibe or light-headed atmosphere. There are too many boring sequences and uninteresting dialogs, and personally I was hoping for a bit more sleaze and sickness. What is the matter with all these politically correct horror movies nowadays? Either way, I appreciate the effort and at least the director didn't choose for the easier option and simply remake a classic, like the people behind "Prom Night", "My Bloody Valentine" and "Black Christmas" did.

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 3 / 10

Bloody boring homecoming...

"Blood Homecoming" is definitely in the lower end of the scale as regarding slasher movies.


Well, because it was rather uninteresting. The characters were one-dimensional and you never got close to anyone, as there was no character development in any way. And once there was a hint of some backbone showing to a character, he or she got murdered.

So you might ask, getting murdered in a slasher movie is boring?

Yeah, it is when the ways of killing people is unimaginative, dull and rather tedious. And having a killer running around in a fireman's uniform, complete with gas mask and helmet, doesn't really add any flavor to an otherwise plain movie. There was absolutely nothing scary or menacing about the killer in anyway.

Now, I am not American, but I would guess that a high school homecoming would draw more than 20 unenthusiastic teenagers to the festivities. It was just so hard to buy into the event that were to take place, with so few people around, and even less heart and soul put into the effort there.

The bright point of the movie is the revealing of the killer. That was an unseen turn of events, but the enjoyment was short-lived, because the scenes that followed were quite anti-climatic. And the way the movie ended was just so downright idiotic.

The actors and actresses in the movie were doing good enough jobs with their performances, they were just struggling a losing uphill battle against a horrible script and even worse one-dimensional characters.

"Bloody Homecoming" gets a 3 out of 10 rating from me, solely based on the production value to the movie. Everything else in the movie was basically below average. There are far better slasher movies out there, and it is hard to find anything to point out as a selling point to this movie.

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