Carnal Innocence



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Gabrielle Anwar as Caroline
Andrew W. Walker as Agent Matthew Burns
Colin Egglesfield as Tucker Longstreet
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by edwagreen 7 / 10

Carnal Innocence- Where's Ann-Margret's Knowledge? ***

Interesting, intriguing film dealing with a series of murders in a small Mississippi town. The town seems to be nicely integrated and with the exception of a black man being beaten up in one scene, all people seem to live in harmony. In fact, the head of the police is a black gentleman.

Shirley Jones, as Della, has a small role here. At the very end, she has a strong,emotional scene once the killer has been revealed. Ironically, one of the victims of the murderer is a woman who resembled Shirley so much in her Oscar winning role as Lulu Baines in 1960's "Elmer Gantry."

Our leading man, Colin Egglesfield, ought to change his name. He will be the object of every joke regarding eggs should his career evolve.

This story has everything going for it. You play a real guessing game in determining who the murderer is and I guarantee that you will not come up with the answer.

We've got lust, cheating on spouses, revenge, and so much more.

Reviewed by highwaytourist 1 / 10

Hilariously bad with every southern stereotype in the cracker barrel

This southern Gothic wannabe was adapted from an original novel, but it's hopelessly derivative. I haven't read the book, but boy did I watch the movie. It's so filled with clichés and stereotypes, at times it played like a "Airplane" style comedy. It takes place in a town called Innocence. How ironic! I especially enjoyed hearing the actors slip in and out of their bogus, Honey Chile southern accents. There are also several prized clichés- talk about runnin' barefoot, eatin' craw fish, chasin' fireflies, huntin' possum, guttin' trout, and of course, deep dark family secrets. All that was missing was a trailer park with a tire hanging from a rope tied to a tree. The story involves a world-famous violinist from Innocence who returns back home to her late grandmammy's place after experiencing romantic disappointment. She soon catches the eye of the town's hunky womanizer, a rich guy named Tucker, who looks more like an Abercrombie & Fitch model than the scion of wealthy southern gentry. Well, shuck my corn! Of course, she and Tucker fall in love. Problem is, the friendly neighborhood serial killer is offing various white trash ladies who were romantically linked to Tucker. So, is our fair maiden next? Will he kiss her or try to kill her? It's up to us to figure it out while we get to meet a wide array of southern stock characters amid hot sunny days and steamy humid nights. I have to admit, I enjoyed all the badness. If you keep your sense of humor high and your expectations low, you may enjoy it too.

Reviewed by tommyboy938 5 / 10

The saga of Tucker Longstreet = B-level gold

My girlfriend has got me into Nora Roberts / Lifetime movies, and they're a lot of fun in the way that bad horror or action is.

Boiled down, this is the story of a famous violinist Caroline returning to small town Mississippi and falling for millionaire playboy, Tucker Longstreet.

Sounds pretty straightforward, but the thing that made this movie for me were the red flags on Tucker as romantic lead and how Caroline just rolls with it. I might have these a bit out of sequence, but here goes (SPOLIERS):

Red flag 1: Tucker almost causes a near fatal collision with Caroline.

Red flag 2: Caroline finds out one of Tucker Longstreet's ex-girlfriends has been murdered.

Red flag 2: Caroline finds Tucker alone on her property and he acts weird to her.

Red flag 3: Caroline finds the body of Tucker's other and most recent girlfriend on HER property.

Red flag 4: She's playing a violin solo in her house,Tucker walks in unannounced and starts clapping, she turns around startled.

The first thing he says isn't "Hello" or "Sorry for startling you". He says: "I didn't kill those women."

Red flag 5: Immediately after this, someone starts shooting at them in HER house.

Red flag 6: The next day, Tucker crashes his car into her property and destroys her gate

Red flag 7: Tucker then hires the son of the guy who tried to kill them to do... jobs around the house?

It keeps going. Accents drop in and out. Lines are delivered horribly. But Carnal Innocence is never boring. Oh yeah, the name of the small town is Innocence. Lol.

Also, if you drink every time somebody says TUCKER LONGSTREET's full name, I promise you'll have a very toasty afternoon.

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