Buffalo Boys



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 79%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Waokelah 6 / 10

A Good Step For Local Movie Industry

After months of anticipation and high hopes (partly because of the shiny-looking-trailer), Buffalo Boys proves itself as a worthy new kind of action-tale that sets its foot right to build their own world. Buffalo Boys nailed in taking audiences into the old times, one with leather hats & boots. Having said that, it feels safe, too safe; from a generic villain boss, (two) damsel in distress, to emotionally instructive score (good ones, fortunately) with moments meant to achieve ideas bigger than what its capable to accomplished. Well at least they gives cliche a good name. Good thing that they has its moment-the fight choreography is superb with long duration, cool action scenes, and there are even some excellent explosions. Fun to watch. Don't be too angry if you guys found the drama as "too much". Can't wait to see more from this "world". The job done quite nicely, hopefully some improvements would be made in the next movie.

Reviewed by prafull-ambekar 1 / 10

After Raid like movies?

Unbelievable and illogical. They just watch all the injustice happening and after killing an extra, leave the bad guys for a final showdown. They saunter into the villain's den as VIP guests and after a few shots fired, they finish all that ammunition they brought to fight of an army. Dead brother comes back to life to save his brother.

Reviewed by westsideschl 3 / 10

Fact?? & Fiction

Opening credits says it's fact & fiction. I would say mostly spaghetti western fiction loaded with exaggerated violence. Actors chosen for their stereotypical appropriate looks - model level for the good guys, and nasty looking for the baddies. Some cheap scenes such as the fake water buffalo riding. Knockoffs from spaghetti westerns, from costuming to iconic showdown music (Good, Bad, Ugly) to prolonged closeup shots of eyes in duels (Few Dollars More). Lots of over-the-top violence. Especially outrageous was the portrayal of the Dutch colonizers (strangely speaking perfect English) as being brutally cruel - cheapens the probable facts by it's exaggeration.

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