Beyond Boundaries: The Harvey Weinstein Scandal



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by belapcfotos 6 / 10

Worthy of watching

The bad reviews saying it's all been seen and heard before are probably for americans, where this matter was exhaustively coveraged. For the rest of the world, there are a lot of things that are new, many unseen interviews. My only critssism is that at the end it gets a little repetitive, but it is still worthy of watching.

Reviewed by Mhb666 1 / 10

Agree fully with the other reviewer above...

From a documentary production perspective - perhaps the most cheap created waste of time ever. No new material is highlighted on the perpetrator that we don't already know about by now. Partial hearsay mixed with old facts, commented by a "flywearing hipster nobody" and other annoying entertainment trash-magazine "experts". How a person like Harvey could get away with everything that he did for so long is indeed a tragic mystery, but how Beyond Boundaries got the finance for a documentary release is definitely another massive questionmark.

Reviewed by bernardoarquivo 1 / 10


Cheap and mediocre documentary on the sexual harassment charges against Harvey Weinstein. No exclusive interviews, no news, nothing that we don't already know. Just 90 long and boring minutes of archive footage we've seen before. Skip it.

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