The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom


Drama / Mystery / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 33%
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Ashley Jones as Delaine
Wesley Morgan as Payton / Delaine's online date
Cynthia Preston as Hali / Delaine's friend
Alex Carter as The Duke
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bindagr 2 / 10


Lifetime's "The Secret Life of a Single Mom", focuses on the wife in a broken family of four and plays out like a watered down version of "50 Shades of Grey". The husband is secondary and treated like a jerk even though he's the one paying all the bills before and after the divorce. The wife is treated like something of a put-upon heroine as she goes from one bed to another on hubby's dime, until she finds redemption and a paying job in the arms of a great guy/pervert who demeans her in ways her husband never would. Given that this is a Lifetime movie, it's target audience is women, but I think every guy contemplating marriage should watch it as a cautionary tale. Lest they too fall prey to a passive aggressive mooch who gives her best self to everyone but you

Reviewed by loadsafun 8 / 10

Wow! A rare look at the psychology of D/s

I am active in the world of BDSM as a Dom with a submissive and we live a 24/7 lifestyle so was quite shocked to find this film on an obscure satellite channel late one evening.

This film has no porn but is still one of the most erotic films I have ever seen. "Vanilla" people don't understand that a relationship between a Dom and a sub is consensual and very mentally strong, far stronger than most vanilla man and wife relationships. To get inside a sub's head to the point that she WANTS to do things for you at YOUR request or command and that she gets sexually aroused from doing so is beyond the comprehension of most vanilla people.

Throughout this film you see a woman leave her cheating husband, turn to a Dom and become his submissive. The sub becomes more dependent on her Dom, valuing his knowledge, loving his imagination, carrying out his every command / task without question. She gets drawn into his world, shocked that she is turned on by his rules. Gradually he helps her rebuild her life to the point where he tells her to begin her own business at which point he ends their relationship.

The only reason that I have only given the film 9 / 10 is that the ending was too abrupt. As soon as the sub created her own business the Dom released her from their D/s relationship with the sub not seemingly upset about this. My experience in real life is that the D/s relationship would continue to grow even stronger. If it was ended this suddenly the sub would be quite distraught. It felt as if a vanilla happy ending was added on just for a mainstream audience.

Overall an unexpected delight which will be viewed with silent envy by many a vanilla housewife and laughed at, or not understood at all, by most vanilla men.

Reviewed by wes-connors 4 / 10

Looking for Mr. Tonight

When she finds out her successful husband has had an affair, bored 36-year-old housewife and mother Ashley Jones (as Delaine Morris) responds by getting the needle from her handsome acupuncturist. After a few sexy sessions, Ms. Jones decides to divorce husband Scott Gibson (as Robert Morris). Alas, she finds out doctor lover Jeff Roop (as Graham) is more fruitful than faithful. Jones is obviously a slow study. With her affair and marriage on the rocks, Jones contemplates what her friends call "sloppy sex." They advise her to avoid looking for "Mr. Right" and go for "Mr. Tonight!" Jones winds up seeking out Seattle sex solicitor Alex Carter (as Shane aka "The Duke") for a "dominant/submissive" relationship. Before making her submit to him, the older Mr. Carter demands Jones have "slutty sex" with muscular 24-year-old Wesley Morgan (as Payton)...

This TV movie plays like porn with the naughty parts cut out. Underneath it all is an actual point – a woman matures by agreeing to be submissive instead of just being submissive. Not buying that thesis at all – but Jones is a pretty woman to watch. She looks spectacular getting in and out of black dresses. However, her progression through various sex partners is uninteresting. Best undressed scenes are when she disrobes in from of a window for her neighbors and when "The Duke" instructs her to try on a new dress. He forbids her wearing panties. You see nothing, but the word "panties" always arouses TV ratings. While the story is based on a presumably revelatory memoir, the teleplay is merely a few sexual fantasies strung together for distaff TV viewers. Known for her daytime serial roles, Jones is well cast. She and her lovers are attractive.

**** The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom (5/31/14) John L'Ecuyer ~ Ashley Jones, Scott Gibson, Alex Carter, Wesley Morgan

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