I Trapped the Devil


Drama / Horror / Mystery

IMDb Rating 4.8 10 570


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Chris Sullivan as The Man
AJ Bowen as Matt
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pelucid69 8 / 10

Worth watching

While I understand critics not loving this movie, for any horror fan, I feel it's worth watching. Atmospheric and eery, it's basicslly a good story of trust and the devil. Not much gore, but I think enjoyed the overall experience.

Reviewed by mukdentype99 5 / 10

Seen this story before... in 1960

This movie was definitely inspired by Rod Serling's 1960 Twilight Zone episode titled, "the Howling Man" (Season 2 Episode 5). It was made more involved with a psychotic gatekeeper, as opposed to a religious zealot keeping Satan under wraps. But, you can see the similarities in the plot.

Reviewed by parkmanjohn 6 / 10

Typical IFC midnight slow burner

I enjoyed this, and found the concept interesting. It is as the title suggest, a crazy man who "trapped the devil". Or did he!? Anywho, the only reason I dropped a few stars on this film was to to the brothers horrible acting. It was obnoxiously bad in my opinion and distracted me from the ominous erie feel of the film.

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