Swamp Shark


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Kristy Swanson as Rachel Broussard
D.B. Sweeney as Tommy
Robert Davi as Sheriff Watson
Jeff Chase as Jason 'Swamp Thing' Broussard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by siandjools 6 / 10

The Less cgi , the better

I Keep going back for more! Maybe it's a last ditch attempt to recapture the awe i had watching the monster movies i saw as a kid,or maybe it's some kind of damage to the cerebrum due to an early fall, i don't know. I do know that every time one of these Killer Shark / Mutant Bee / Giant whatever movies rears it's ugly CGI infested head on the syfy channel i usually find myself parked in front of the t.v - alone! My wife gave up watching these things with me a long time ago, but my tolerance for them is pretty solid and my plight goes on. Anyway, after sitting through the truly atrocious 'Sharktopus' the night before i surprised even myself by giving Swamp Shark the time of day. I was quite surprised, not too bad, not great by a long shot but not too bad all the same. One of the main winning points of this movie is the toning down of the CGI, most of it is bad in this kind of movie and the films suffer because of it. Although Swamp Shark has it's moments of nasty cheap looking CGI it's not overrun with it.In some attacks the CGI is actually replaced with a good old fashioned rubber shark head,which once may have been scoffed at but now is nice to see. A lot of the sharks screen time is under murky water masking the computer effects,it's only when it leaves the water that the problems start. The Other winning point is the characters are tolerable,quite likable even. Everyone slots into their modern b-movie place nicely, the sister's and ex NFL pro hulk of a brother struggling with their inherited family restaurant/Gator park business - The Ass of a boyfriend who you look forward to getting munched - The Nasty corrupt sheriff who doesn't want to know because he's responsible for the whole mess in the first place - The Undercover agent - They all chip in to keep the film ticking along when the title character is not around causing mayhem. Overall the film keeps it's sense of fun, not taking itself too seriously without trying to parody itself as the afore mentioned 'Shartopus' tried and failed to do. Many will hate this movie and it's probably destined to the usual low score that syfy channel movies get on here(most deserved)but i for one found myself enjoying it. It flows, it's fun and it takes the shark attack movie on vacation to new surroundings. Or maybe Sharktopus is more your cup of chum.

Reviewed by jhpstrydom 7 / 10

One of the better killer shark movies.

Given the last few killer shark crap fests that passes for movies SWAMP SHARK was actually one of the better killer shark movies, granted it was a tad on the silly side but it was a fun movie and CGI weren't really anything to talk about but then again this is a made for TV movie so its acceptable.

The shark itself looks pretty interesting, while watching the film I thought to myself if SWAMP THING was a shark this would probably be what he would look like (oddly enough the film is called SWAMP SHARK go figure) plus the acting in the film was actually very good, which one of the surprises about this film since the acting in all the other shark movies in the B variety usually sucked.

Overall, its a fun movie and I recommend it if you want to just chill in front of the TV and its way more entertaining than SHARK NIGHT 3D believe it or not.

Reviewed by anythinghorrorscott 6 / 10

SWAMP SHARK: Silly But Fun!!

The middle part of 2011 is proving to be a good period for the SyFy channel and their originals. Earlier this year SyFy's 51 (see review here) and BEHEMOTH (see review here) were promising, but both failed in their respective executions. BEHEMOTH promised a huge, planet-destroying creature but simply gave us a lazy, Lovecraftian-influenced beast who was attached to a mountain. But then last weeks ICE ROAD TERROR really surprised me with how fast-paced, gory, and fun it was (see review here), and now SWAMP SHARK, premiering on Saturday, June 25th at 9pm (ET/PT), once again proves that when the boys and girls over at SyFy really wanna make an entertaining flick, they can do it.

SWAMP SHARK stars the original BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, Kristy Swanson as Rachel Broussard, the owner of the Gator Shack restaurant located right next to the swamplands of the Atchafalaya Basin. She runs the restaurant with her younger sister Krystal (Sophie Sinise, Gary Sinise's daughter) and her older brother Jason "Swamp Thing" (Jeff Chase). Everything's going really well as the town prepares for their yearly big event, Gator Fest, until crooked sheriff Watson (Robert Davi), who sells illegal exotic animals (??!!!?) accidentally releases a shark into the swamps. Yeah I know; it's a silly and completely absurd set up, but it actually fits the entire campy world created in SWAMP SHARK. Swanson is one of the first people to spot the shark and instead of balling up into a panicking, hysterical woman, she grabs her hunting rifle, a boat, and anyone else who believes her and goes out to hunt down the swamp shark. I loved Swanson's character and since her best known film is the original BUFFY, it would've been hard seeing her as anything other than a butt kicking hottie.

And what self-respecting SyFy Original would forget to include some kind of 1980's pop culture reference? Not too worry; SWAMP SHARK has Baseball Hall of Famer Wade Boggs as a red neck deputy. I would've like to have seen him in a bigger role, but his role is pretty fun.

One of the people Swanson recruits to hunt the shark down is Charlie (D.B. Sweeney; where's he been?), a mysterious man hanging around the town. Their first hunting party doesn't, as you can imagine, go very well and they loose their boat and are forced to regroup. But in the meantime the town is preparing for Gator Fest and the shark has really gotten a taste for human flesh. Of course we get tons of nods to the granddaddy of shark films (and arguably all "giant creature" flicks), JAWS, but everything in SWAMP SHARK is done with such a fun spirit that you just sit back and go along for the ride. Davi's sheriff Watson is so sleazy that you can't help but smile every time he's on screen. The man knows there's a shark in the swamp (because he's the one that accidentally released it) but does nothing to try and fix the situation. He doesn't send out a hunting party and he doesn't prevent people from swimming in the swamp even after the dead bodies start piling up (in pieces). I loved Davi's character and it's nice to see he still "has it"!!

And maybe I'm just getting completely desensitized to bad CGI, but I thought the shark looked pretty good!! SyFy actually exhibits some restraint and doesn't show off the beast at every opportunity. We see flashes of it here and there and get teased way more than SyFy usually does. Of course there's the standard, "must have" scene of the shark jumping out the water to kill someone. This is the best look we get of the shark (until the final reel) and it was actually pretty cool looking. The body count could've been higher for my tastes, but the killings we do get were well-filmed. Director Griff Furst (who also directed last year's flaccid SyFy flick LAKE PLACID 3), takes his time here and sets up some pretty suspenseful kill scenes. And if you're like me you'll wonder why the two twenty-somethings, who wanted some privacy to have sex, took a canoe out into the swamp not 20 feet away from their friends. Sex in a canoe? Hey why not!!

And just like in ICE ROAD TERROR, we get a little more blood than the usual SyFy Original. We get to see a lot of post-attack, ripped apart torsos and appendages, and we're privy to a lot of blood spraying all over various cast members. Yeah people, this one is pretty fun. Maybe it's because Summer's here? Maybe it's because I'm a sucker for a fun "beast attacks" flick? Or maybe it's just because the people over at SyFy are putting in some time and effort into their scripts!! But writers Charles Bolon, Jennifer Iwen, and Eric Miller give us a fun, light- hearted, and fast-paced script that despite the holes in logic keep you interested up to the end. And just wait until you see how they finally kill the shark!! I thought we were gonna get a very JAWS-like ending, but the writers took a hard left turn and gave us something original, fun, and very bloody. Nice job.

A great cast who're obviously having a really fun time, a solid script with some originality in it, and some well-crafted death scenes make SWAMP SHARK a really entertaining and fun summer flick. SyFy has renewed my love of the "attacking beasties" summer flick and I can't wait to see what they have in store for us next!! Catch SWAMP SHARK this Saturday, June 25th at 9pm (ET/PT) on SyFy. Seriously!!

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