The Neighbor


Romance / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ljo-48318 1 / 10


This review contains spoilers, and it's only two sentences long. Seriously. I want my hour and a half back. Killed the guy basically by accident, and he didn't even sleep with her!!???!! Just. So. Terrible. I'd give it negative stars if I could.

Reviewed by ganitawalia 1 / 10

The trailer tells you the story from front to end and nothing more

Worst worst worst movie ever!! I LOVE William F but they did him so dirty in this movie. No story line and the trailer tells u every single thing you need to know. Watch the trailer and you've basically watched the movie

Reviewed by prexactly 1 / 10

mind numbing slow delusional nonsense

I can't believe I watched this whole thing. If want to watch a frustrating mind numbing slow film about absolutely nothing, then try this. I cannot figure out what the director was trying to achieve here. Nothing makes any sense. Right when you think you've figured out what's going on, and the long (long..., long...) awaited plot is about to unfold.... nope, think again... nothing is going to happen. NOTHING! I mean absolutely nothing! *spoiler alert* The whole movie is about a delusional middle aged man starring at his young neighbor. That's it! nothing else! 80% of the movie is this crazy guy starring at his neighbor... and no, nothing ever happens, until the very end, and then it gets even more ridiculous. Unbelievable nonsense. Please... don't bother. My best guess is that this is about a middle aged man experiencing the onset of dementia, staggering around appearing drunk, starring at nothing, starring at the walls (I actually wondered if he was blind) or his neighbor, unable to complete thoughts or make any logical decisions.

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