Crime / Drama / Mystery

IMDb Rating 3.4 10 226

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Alison Araya as Captain Rivera
Colleen Wheeler as Senator Baxter
Emilie Ullerup as Kathleen Miller-Breezewood
Sam Page as Ed
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by KathleenK22 7 / 10

TV movie with reasonable story and good acting

I watched it, was fairly entertained by it. I hadn't looked at the two reviews before I watched it. If it had been only one or two stars I would not have lasted long. There weren't any great surprises or edge of the seat stuff but it was okay. Maybe people wanted the usual chases or big laughs. Acting was fine. I recognised the female lead and noted she has not changed much over the years. I liked her in the sitcom when she was a child. It wasn't 007 or any big bucks movie so it can't be graded as though it was. I didn't need to be shocked or want a fast paced movie suitable for the big screen. It is a TV movie. Maybe the script could have been better so it was different from many other movies of this genre. Being based on a book they may have followed that story line. Did I want to keep watching? Yes I did. Don't have high expectations and you should enjoy it. I think we have become very spoilt with the big screen, modern technology, etc. It satisfied me for a late night movie, not too heavy with no depressing ending.

Reviewed by jmariani-59799 2 / 10

So Netflix is adding "made for TV" movies?

Terrible movie. Terrible writing, acting, pacing. Milano should really just ride the little fame she has from her childhood years and let it be because she's not a good actor. So knowing that, I didn't expect much but it was even worse than imagined. But if you've really nothing better to do, give this movie a shot. You might like it better than I did, but I won't bet on that.

Reviewed by rdoanderson 2 / 10

Ok I don't watch hallmark but I'm guessing this is what it is.

What the heck is this doing on Netflix?

It's quite bizzarely funny - it's terrible hence the two stars.

But it's sort of absorbing once even if you feel slighty dirty watching it.

It's truly terrible and there is something in that.

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