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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by richardadesmond 4 / 10

it tried at having a heart, an inner motivation.

The film was nicely shot, better than a lot of small indie films that are either all hand held talking heads on the phone or in an apartment the film had some degree of movement and direction to it, nicely enough lit too

The inner, personal reason for the heroes goal of weight loss was underdeveloped. Its rarely brought up by the hero, i never really experienced the weight (excuse the pun) of why his weight loss was so important to him. I understood it was because his father died of weight loss and by the end it seemed his passing had an effect on him, I understood that much, but thats not enough, I need to experience these feelings in order to feel what the writer/director was going for.

the plot needed more compelling moments, heavier events. The obstacles that the hero faced never hit me hard to think "wow, hows he gonna lose the weight now, that's devastating" it was all very tame and I always knew he would lose it.

It just plotted on in a predictable direction, nothing terribly interesting. Everything kind of gets resolved the way you'd imagine, shame.

Reviewed by marik199092 3 / 10

Complete waste of time

Headline says it all, watched it hoping it would get better it didn't.

Reviewed by nikagorgiladze 6 / 10

Not Bad

I think it's a good film to raise motivation. Not greatm but not bad

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