Bundy and the Green River Killer


Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by freddycomingforyou 7 / 10

Quite accurate

The movie is told from the detective's perspective so plays mostly as a police procedural. It is an accurate rendition of the events, but often plays like a made-for-tv movie and shies away from the grizzly details. I recommend it to people familiar with the Green River case or people looking to learn more about it as it follows the real timeline quite closely.

Reviewed by dmartyn-65915 7 / 10

One of the better serial killer dvd movies

I thought this would be just another exploitative piece of trash to add to the pile of bargain bin serial killer movies but it tried to be more. The dialogue is well written for the most part and makes you think while the actors do a decent job especially the guy playing Bundy who gets Teds insane narcissism spot on. This does suffer from the same issue as the Zac Efron movie because there is probably not enough blood letting for horror fans but I think showing these real life killers to be murderous anti heros like Michael or Jason is in poor taste so the restrained approach worked for me.

Reviewed by jennysummerville 6 / 10

Not a bad effort

Since the early 2000s there's been a glut of straight-to-video offerings based on real serial killers. I think at this point every infamous American murderer has had their mug slapped on a DVD cover. Bundy especially! Most of the movies play fast and loose with the facts and many end up being pretty sleazy low-budget horror flicks which make you feel like you want to shower after seeing them. This is a very modestly budgeted entry in the serial killer genre but in giving it a chance I found it to be a surprisingly adequate documentary-style drama which tries to stick to the facts about the Green River Killer. One of the drawbacks of that approach is you get a talky film without much action but the horrifying moments which show the evil of the killers are effectively done. The sorority house murder by Bundy is particularly well executed. At times the movie's determination to not be overly sensational makes the tone a bit tepid but I could overlook the duller moments because overall it gives a fairly solid rundown of the facts as well as a realistic depiction of an obsessed cop whose out of his depth dealing with two serial killers. Flawed for sure but not bad at all.

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