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Brittany Murphy as Dr. Amy Lane
Bruce Davison as Dr. Mark Rhodes
Eriq La Salle as Charley 'Boomer' Baxter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 1 / 10

This movie was a Mega Fault!

I think the people making this movie had their hearts in the right place, but the movie turned out to be so crappy. Everything was against the movie from the start; the casting, the story, the CGI effects.

Lets start with the cast. Most people seemed like they didn't have their hearts in the project, as if they were going on autopilot. And, although I never were a fan of Murphy, what is up with her in this movie? She looks like she was on crack.

Moving on to the CGI effects, or lack thereof. Whom have ever seen fissures in the earth opening up and actually track people and cars? Or cracks opening up on one side of the car, then they are magically gone in the next scene, but the car is still driving at the same place. Man, the CGI effects in this movie were poor, no make that pisspoor.

Somehow I managed to make it through the entire movie. I forced myself because I wanted to sit through what was possibly the worst movie I had ever seen at that time.

This movie is bad with a capital B. If you, like me, enjoy finding subtle and in-your-face-obvious mistakes in movies, sit down and watch this one. You will have a paper full of errors. :)

Reviewed by MartianOctocretr5 2 / 10

Whose fault was this movie?

SyFy channel proudly announced in its trailers, "Goodbye West Coast! So long, East Coast." That must be in Mega-Fault II; it certainly didn't happen in this film. The idea for the film was ambitious and may have seemed good on paper, but with a mega-budget of about 25 bucks, very little ever got to the screen.

Will somebody please explain to the director that earthquake faults do not chase people? Yet if a truck is in motion with a lead character in this film, look around: here comes a fissure. Also, it will somehow make phony looking explosions (probably red smoke bombs) go off next to the truck, in obviously looped footage.

I liked the actors; they try, but the script gives them nothing to work with. Most of the characters look and act ridiculous. Maybe the director told the cast "all the goofs will be fixed in post production." He lied. All they did in the post-op was add some google map pictures, and some shaky graphics. The film attempts to wrap the story around the seismologist and demolition expert's friendship. That's alright as far as it goes, but the film spends so much time developing that subplot, that it forgets all about a crisis that is possibly killing millions of people. The command center where the senior seismologist guy hangs out is a joke; all anybody does is report the fault's progress to the audience. And what the heck was with that satellite? Something about starting quakes to stop a quake? Lol. It looked like it was shooting some kind of freeze ray. I'm not sure if you can freeze an earthquake.

The brief "victims in Wyoming" scene could have been a single shining moment for the film, but they even wasted that. It's laughably silly in spite of the gruesome thing that happens. The final climactic scene is just dull and stupid, too.

After Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus and Mega Fault, what can possibly be next for SyFy? Invasion of the Mega Aliens? Night of the Mega Zombies? Mega Smurfs go to the Giant Mega-Store?

Reviewed by ricky42-1 1 / 10

It's a mega fault watching this

Absolute gruesome! Extremely bad computer animation at all times, bad scenes, fire and fire and more fire and what the hack has Brittany Murphy to do in this stinker! Being a serious scientist in this movie is not her role at all. She probably felt that this movie is crap while filming it. Exploding toilets for no reason (maybe too much wind in the bowl) ... Yes, it was a mega fault that I watched this piece of art of a different kind. The constant 'Flash Gordon' style CGI is quite annoying as it is simply too much. The few good actors are somehow misplaced in this lengthy b-class movie. It seems they had access to plenty military equipment, planes, Mediforce helicopters and so on, but ti didn't make the movie any better. Don't waste your time!

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