Call Him Mr. Shatter


Action / Drama

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Anton Diffring as Hans Leber
Stuart Whitman as Shatter
Peter Cushing as Paul Rattwood
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Captain_Couth 8 / 10

Shaw Brothers meets Hammer Films, part two!

Shatter (1974) was the second time Shaw Brothers and Hammer Films worked together. This time around the results are not as wild and as entertaining as their previous collaboration (The Seven Golden Vampires) but it's worth your while.

Stuart Whitman plays your stereotypical all American actor (a type of role that would later be defined by two other great actors Scott Glenn and Fred Ward). He stars as Shatter, man of many skills. Like all people of his ilk, he has completed a job and all parties want him. Like all movie professionals he runs into the same problems (i.e. reneged contract, can't trust anybody, etc.). Peter Cushing guest stars as an English Special Agent as well as several Shaw Brothers' players (Lily Lee as the love interest and Ti Lung as Shatter's protectorate). Throw in Wei Lo (staff director of the Shaws) in a cameo and bit parts from Fung Hark-On and Lee Hoi Sang and viola! You have Shatter! Despite the lack of an interesting action direction (like Liu Chia Hua) the fight scenes are above average and they aptly showcase Ti Lung's skills (it's a shame that he never made it big time, his English wasn't bad and he has charisma).

Fun for all, recommended for Hammer Films fans and Shaw Brothers marks.

Reviewed by ndrejaj1969 6 / 10

Monte Hellman's "Lost" Flick.

Long unavailable on home vid, this was just one of the many projects that cult maestro Monte Hellman ghost-directed. So when the good folks at Roan decided to release this on LD, I jumped at the chance to get a copy. At forty bucks, it was worth it. But I had to order off the Dollar Menu for the rest of the week.

It was a long-held belief that Hellman only directed a small portion of the film before being sacked and replaced by producer Michael Carreras. But in the running commentary, Hellman, upon seeing the movie for the very first time, was surprised to see that at least 80% of the final cut is his.

Though no "Background to Danger," this is a very passable B-adventure, with Whitman a fine hero/foil. Whitman's Shatter is another in the long line of Hellman loner-man-on-the-outside-looking-in protagonists. The film also bears striking similarities with the long forgotten "Karate-the Hand of Death" (1961)about an American Karate expert returning to Japan after the war and runs afoul of some mob types. "Shatter" is a decent way to spend an hour and a half on a rainy afternoon, and a find for Monte Hellman completeists.

Reviewed by kosmasp 7 / 10

East meets West

So shooting this might have been a mess (according to the people involved that is, as they tell us in the audio commentary), but it's still more than fun to watch. So it's Hammer and Shaw Brothers in connection. Actually as the filmmakers reveal Shaw Brothers gave Hammer permission to use their equipment and personell. Which wasn't exactly what they delivered.

Now this seems something to dig your teeth into and find out more about (I might do some further research myself on a later date), but what is fascinating, that the movie still kinda works. All the trials and tribulations, all the sticks and stones thrown into their way, everything that made it more difficult to complete the movie ... and still they got their movie done. And the fight scenes (with a Shaw Brothers regular to complete a rather odd couple -Stuart Whitmann and Tung Li that is) are quite something.

The movie overall has dated and you can feel this is from a different era ... but it is fun to watch and isn't that what it's about after all?

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