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Abbie Cornish as Candy
Geoffrey Rush as Casper
Damon Herriman as Roger Moylan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sinclair Thomas 8 / 10

Hauntingly powerful outlook on life as a drug addict

This is my first review on a movie here, and I'll tell you why..

Candy was a movie I struggled to watch at times, not because of the pacing, but because Heath Ledger and Abbie Cornish brought an uncanny dimension of realism to create this story of two drug addicts that live for each other and the conflicting addiction that fuels their abusive relationship.

There was a particular hospital scene that had me straining in my chair.. the performance by these two is hard to put in words. Just a truly phenomenal screen presence.

Far from a light-hearted film I recommend this to anyone who wants to confront the reality of drug use and the repercussions they have on your life and those around you.

Haunting and just belligerent at its core. Cinema perfected.

Reviewed by mcintyre64 3 / 10

Boring and Despressing Movie

Worst movie I've seen for quite some time wanted to switch it off after 20-30 mins but the IMDb rating was high so said I'd give it a chance and I almost always finish what I start. The acting is the only good thing but the whole story seems to happen for no reason, one minute they are getting married, the next they move into some warehouse then they move up North. Along the way she has a stillborn baby and they come off drugs and go back on them again and she is selling herself for more drug money even after they get married... Casper is always there for a dig out too. The whole drug addict movie thing has been done before and just because Heath Ledger is in it does not make it brilliant at all. Painful to watch and very predictable and boring.

Reviewed by piku1302 10 / 10

A hidden Diamant.....Oscar worth movie

This movie is one of the best I've ever seen! It's such a sad,complete full,astonishing film.But I wonder why the hell almost NOBODY was advertising this film?!? I am mad! The whole suicide thing was in the first plan,and the PR of this film WAS Awkward! better said,there were even A PR ! Why?! This movie,is in the same genre where Trainspotting is. But in this one there's more drama and love. Now I am trying to buy the original book,which the movie was made of. Yea...people,don't tell me that you did not knew this? Like always....the book is more detailed and better,so I can't wait to read the book! When I read the book Perfume,and just saw the trailer...ONLY the trailer I was mad because so many things were that I did not even had the mood to watch a stupid movie,based on a GREAT novel!

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