Painted Woman


Romance / Western

IMDb Rating 6.8 10 1566


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Stef Dawson as Julie Richards
Kiowa Gordon as Chato
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mikacj 10 / 10

Saddle Up!

Howdy, y'all! This film showed us to never hang our heads down, but that COURAGE is being scared to death and saddling up anyways! This is a beautifully told story of a woman always being kicked when she's down and finding strength in the most unlikely of places. The cinematography is stunning and the locations take you back in time. I tip my hat to the crew, they delivered!

Reviewed by VanBooter 6 / 10


Howdy there stranger. Well I've just finished watching Painted Woman and here's my thoughts. Prior to getting a copy I first read the reviews here at imdb as I nearly always do and was amazed all the reviews were all glowing. So then after checking the reviewers history I discovered all 16 of them were one review shills, darn it why do these people do that because to me that's an obvious red flag of deceit. Anyway as I say I've just finished it and to my surprise it's pretty good. Not your typical low budget shoot-em up, but just a low paced amble through a non taxing storyline. Cinematography was good, main leads did well especially David Thomas Jenkins and Matt Dallas. I suppose if there is one thing which let it down it would be as I said the weak storyline without any surprises. However don't let that put you off, you could do a lot worse than watching this one. 6/10

Reviewed by xxChronusxx 1 / 10

very disappointed

Was hoping for a good flick, but alas, not happening here. Good performance by David T Jenkins, but I'm still trying to figure out what the story was. A less than glacial pace might have helped. Mystified by the high ratings this thing has until you realize they are all one review wonders. Another thing thats telling is the fact there are zero external reviews linked to this film.

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