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Rooney Mara as Therese Belivet
Cate Blanchett as Carol Aird
Jake Lacy as Richard Semco
Sarah Paulson as Abby Gerhard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lloydmorgan111222 7 / 10

A Fine Film That Needs More Character

'Carol' is a fine film. The juxtaposition of the lavish costumes and production design with the grainy look of 16mm film sells the film's old-fashioned aesthetic. It is a well-shot film that is pleasant to look at. All of the individual performances are pretty good.

The best part of the film is the opening sequence. The credits play over a continuing shot of fifties New York accompanied by Carter Burwell's fantastic piece 'Opening'. This shot brings us to a scene in a restaurant. This is a flash-forward that we revisit later on in the film. Our first sight of the main couple occurs when a man at the bar looks around the restaurant and spots them at a table. In this shot, Therese (Rooney Mara) and Carol (Cate Blanchett) are sitting at a table. Therese is sat facing away from the camera and towards Carol, who we can see clearly. My immediate reaction to this sight was "Wow, Cate Blanchett genuinely looks like she's in love." It felt real.

Unfortunately, I didn't get this feeling from the rest of the film. I couldn't feel any chemistry between Therese and Carol. Mara and Blanchett do their best with what they are given, but they aren't given enough. Their characters don't feel fleshed out. I didn't feel like I knew them as people by the end. The film's technical achievements can only lift a film so high. If you love this film then I'm glad, but I can't love it when I couldn't grow attached to the characters. This is especially a problem as this feels like a film driven more by character than by story.

Despite what I have said, this film didn't bore me. Mara and Blanchett are both engaging actresses who command your attention even if they aren't given enough to work with. The film is on the slow side but it goes at the right pace for what director Todd Haynes and screenwriter Phyllis Nagy were going for. Overall, it was an interesting experience that felt a bit empty.

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Reviewed by amheretojudge 8 / 10

you're trembling..


Gazing each other across the room or touching someone for the first time or even talk about them to someone else is depicted as electrifying as it is in real life and this is something that very few of them can achieve. Carol is a suave and mild love story that is too practical to be a film and still Todd Haynes pulls it off with Phyllis Nagy's smart adaptation from the novel with enough drama for the audience to rely upon for 2 whole hours. Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara are the keys that withholds the audience throughout the movie with a great supporting cast like Sarah Paulson and Kyle Chandler. Carol as mentioned earlier is electrifying mortified portrayal of two stellar performances that subdued the smart writing, perfect editing and horrific emotions running in each and every scene in it.

Reviewed by kimd-38939 8 / 10

Beautiful, heartwarming

I recently watched this movie, and I really liked it! Essentially, the movie explores the romantic relationship that develops between a department store clerk (Therese) and an older elegant woman (Carol). As homosexuality was not widely accepted during the time period of the story, the 1950s, their relationship is kept hidden and is faced with many obstacles.

The movie's timing is relatively slow, but that actually enhanced the story line in my opinion; it made the relationship between Therese and Carol flourish at a more natural and realistic pace. I also thoroughly appreciated the beautiful scenery seen throughout the film. The costumes and overall setting designs were phenomenal and definitely reflective of the time period.

Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara, the two leading actresses, both did a superb job at portraying their characters; their passion was extremely evident, and they really embodied their characters in an honest and believable way.

I think my only point of contention is with the movie's ending. I personally felt that it was a bit rushed, which somewhat undermines the slow pacing that pervades the rest of the movie. I was left wanting to know more about what happened with their relationship and with the custody battle for Rindy. Nevertheless, the movie did not disappoint, and I highly recommend it!

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