The Triple Echo


Drama / War

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Oliver Reed as the Sergeant / Sergeant
Glenda Jackson as Alice
Kenneth Colley as Provo Corporal
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dennis-422 8 / 10

Enjoyable, almost unbelievable, film about army deserter in WW2.

Triple Echo, based on the H E Bates story, is a well-directed and well-acted film about a lonely woman (Jackson) on a farm who is visited by a young soldier (Deacon) and they soon become lovers. He decides to avoid being captured as a deserter by dressing as a woman and pretending he is Jackson's sister. A surly sergeant-major (Reed) falls for her (his) charms and invites the 'sisters' to a Christmas dance at the barracks. In a back room, Reed discovers 'her' real sex. The soldier escapes but is eventually caught. It is one of Reed's best performances, and although the plot is barely believable, the film is highly entertaining.

Reviewed by TYLERdurden74 6 / 10

Cult Movies 20

20. THE TRIPLE ECHO (war-drama, 1973) England, WW2: Homesteader Alice (Glenda Jackson) has been left a widow by the war so now has to work the farm on her own. Soldier Barton offers to help her out. They eventually become friends then lovers. Not wanting to go back to the front, Barton goes AWOL. Alice helps him by disguising him as her 'sister Katy'. Successfully fleeing detection, their relationship turns sour, as Barton becomes accustomed to his new femininity. Even worse when visiting 'Sergeant' (Oliver Reed) takes an interest at 'Katy'.

Critique: Bizarre, at times unpleasant little film has stuck with me ever since I saw it. Maybe my impressionable age at the time contributed to its lasting impact but after watching it for only the second time, I find it very original, exciting and tragic. It also reminded me of Ed Wood's infamous 'Glen or Glenda' (one of the earliest cross-dressing films), and of Sydney Pollack's Oscar winning 'Tootsie' (starring Dustin Hoffman). In those, and many others since, the emphasis is based on the whole plot's comedy-plus value. The interplay struggle to inhibit their natural desires, disgust at dressing up, and shedding their 'machismo'.

Our film's hero, however, is further enticed into the role and even his personality changes. Jealousy, drama and a sisterly-type relation develops. It is only too late that he discovers what a mess this has gotten him into.

Perplexing study of isolation benefits from a good cast. Oliver Reed's brutish 'Sergeant' is the standout. The surprising ending adds to the film's abstract nature.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 5 / 10

Unusually plotted psychological drama

THE TRIPLE ECHO is a sedate, slow paced psychological drama with a few characters interacting in a barren and isolated landscape. It's a one-of-a-kind type film that offers up some interesting characterisation and an unusual storyline. The film was directed by Hollywood director Michael Apted (GORILLAS IN THE MIST) as one of the first things he made outside of television.

The unknown-to-me actor Brian Deacon plays a frustrated young soldier who happens by a lonely farmhouse occupied by grieving widow Glenda Jackson. The two embark on an affair, although it transpires that Jackson is a little disturbed by her history. For his part, Deacon's had enough of the army, so he decides to go A.W.O.L., masquerading as Jackson's sister. Their happiness is short-lived when other local soldiers call by and one of them takes a shine to Deacon, mistaking him for a woman.

The cross-dressing aspect of the tale is what makes this unusual. It's hard to believe that the rugged Oliver Reed would genuinely mistake Deacon for a woman, but there you go. The climax has an air of inevitable tragedy to it, so a sense of foreboding seeps over the latter stages of the film. The central performances are subtle and effective, although Reed is something of a scene-stealer as the flamboyant and utterly horrid army sergeant.

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