Chamber of Horrors


Crime / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 38%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 1085

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William Conrad as Narrator
Jean Carson as Girl on Street
Marie Windsor as Madame Corona
Laura Devon as Marie Champlain
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 7 / 10

A thrilling film with occasional lapses in the writing...but it's still well worth seeing.

"Chamber of Horrors" sure reminds me of some of William Castle's films, as it begins with a prologue narrated by William Conrad. It explains how scary the film is but as a special service to the squeamish in the audience, a red light will flash and weird music will go off when one of four horrifying moments are about to begin! This is cheesy but also fills the movie with kitschy fun.

The film begins with a truly horrifying and wonderful scene in which a total psycho (Patrick O'Neal) forces a minister to marry a dead woman!! The guy is 100% nuts but clever--and manages to elude the police for some times after this. Eventually, when he is captured, he manages to escape both times--and I won't go in to detail about it, but the second time is a doozy and everyone assumes he's dead! And, from here on, the film bears a lot of similarity to the wonderful film "House of Wax" (the Vincent Price version, not the new crappy one) as well as the Dr. Phibes films--some amazingly gory murders, all in the name of revenge. This portion of the film is pretty good, albeit a bit slow at times.

What intrigued me about this film was seeing Patrick O'Neal in a role totally unlike his other film and TV appearances. He was good, mind you--but NOT the typical sort of O'Neal! Also I appreciated that although the subject matter was grisly, it was not at all explicit--and the red flashing lights really weren't necessary. I am thrilled, as I think many horror films just go too far.

Overall, I liked this film very much--O'Neal's character was great and the story quite exciting. The only serious problems were the occasional bad writing, as intended victims just acted too dumb at times--such as the cop (Wayne Rogers) who chose to look for a serial killer out to kill him TOTALLY ALONE! When this character found O'Neal, instead of shooting him on sight, he allowed him to get close to him...too close. Another case of bad writing involved the assistant, Pepe, who hears a noise and TELLS NO ONE--going to investigate it himself!! Too dumb--and sad because otherwise it was a thrilling little movie.

By the way, the way the film ended it seemed apparent this was meant as either a TV pilot or the first in a series. Sadly, this was not to be.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10

horror with a gimmick

Jason Cravatte (Patrick O'Neal) forces a reverend at gunpoint to marry him and the dead body of Melinda Sawyer. The police is brought in but Jason had already escaped. Anthony Draco (Cesare Danova) and Harold Blount (Wilfrid Hyde-White) own a wax museum and consider themselves amateur detectives. The police searches throughout Baltimore for the disturbed killer.He is caught and sentenced to hang. He manages to escape from a train transport but he had to chop off his own hand. With his new hand replacement, he takes revenge upon those who wronged him.

This is an old horror with a gimmick. At the beginning, the narrator explains the Fear Flasher and Horror Horn would precede the most horrific scenes. That is the best part of the movie. It's campy and fun in treating it seriously. The actual use of the gimmick does not do much. The grotesque violent scenes are not so shocking especially with modern horror eyes. There is blood but the camera cuts away before the actual violence. The story starts interesting but it flounders in the second half. The characters don't have the special interest and the actors are not the most charismatic. It's a passable bland old horror with a cheesy gimmick which is more fun in the imagination than it is in reality.

Reviewed by Hitchcoc 7 / 10

Fear Flasher and Horror Horn

One of those silly horror/comedy films from the sixties. It's fun but there is so much tongue in cheek that after a while the suspense goes away and it becomes dull. Cravette is a murderous psychopath who like young women, dead and alive. Wilfred Hyde-White is a writer of murder books who runs a wax museum, specializing in historical murders (and not so historical). It's OK but I just never got taken in by it.

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