Check Point


Action / Thriller / War

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Mindy Robinson as Rebecca
Tyler Mane as Deputy Stacks
William Forsythe as The Sheriff
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stewstakes 1 / 10

No, really?

This film is so bad that it must have been made this bad on purpose. If you watch it from that perspective it is actually pretty funny. Grab your favorite drug of choice and let the laughs begin!

Reviewed by decirwin 1 / 10


I'm nearing 60 years of age and I've seen them all, but THAT thing I just watched has gotta by far be the worst piece of garbage ever screened. A few plastic toy guns, rip off and re-render game clips, a couple of meathead wrestlers and a couple of pairs of fake tits. If that's what you're into, off you go. I gave this a 1 star rating but I didn't mean to.

Reviewed by The Mad Reviewer 2 / 10

Review of Check Point

After months and months of waiting the day finally came to watch Check Point. Written and Directed by B-Movie, Director and Actor Thomas J. Churchill, Check Point is based in the fictional town of Port City, North Carolina. The film stars B-Movie actors and actresses from all likes and they come together to "stop" a terrorist attack from happening on US soil. The summary of the film is that a former Marine, who is down on his luck, oversees some be-headings of local towns people in a local workshop, when he informs the town Sheriff, played by the always great William Forsythe, he is mocked and not believed. He tells his "best friend", played by Bill Goldberg, but he dismisses his claims because Johnson is known to have mental health problems.

The story and relationship between those two characters doesn't make sense at all and I will dive into that further on in the review. It isn't until another local, a teacher, played by Mindy Robinson, finds herself in the back of the local restaurant, where she sees the trough that the be-headings took place and begins to see that something is off. At that point, she is confronted by the woman who owns the shop, played by Michelle Lee, and a fight ensues.

There are twists and turns but overall the film needs a lot of work. Now, having watched this film I noticed many inconsistencies;

1) If the main character, Johnson, was best friends with Goldberg's character, why the hell is he living under a rock, literally, on the beach?

2) Why are there marines working at NSA headquarters?

3) How did one of those marines end up captured and beheaded?

4) Who gave Churchill the money to make this horrible movie? 5) How did the beheaded marine get his head back and end up at the end of the movie with Kane Hodder?

There are so many problems with this movie that it was comical. I thought this may have been a parody type of movie where they were making fun of cheesy action flick, but nope I was wrong. They were dead serious about this film. This is the type of film I would expect 1st year film students to make or even high school AV Club. I do not expect this from seasoned filmmakers. After watching this film I researched a few of Churchill's other flicks, man this dude loves to put himself in his own films. I can see now why Check Point is so bad, the director. Thomas Churchill's directing, acting and writing is as bad if not worse the legendary horrible filmmaker Tommy Wiseau. Casting: The casting for this film is wrong in so many areas. You have type cast actresses like Mindy Robinson and Krista Grotte in it. All they have ever been in is films where they get to wear revealing clothing (I will get back to this) and low-grade horror/comedies. The film also stars legendary actor Kane Hodder, notably known for his portrayal as Jason Voorhees in several Friday the 13th films. His role is limited and I will let you watch to see why. Wardrobe: The wardrobe in the film is comical and impractical, no woman, let alone soldier, ever would wear what Mindy Robinson wore in this film to fight off attackers. Stupid wardrobe choice. The Sheriff looks like he just came from knocking on doors to talk about Christ. Poor Michelle Lee had to do a horrible Asian accent for some reason that never gets explained. Overall this film is bad. Just plain bad. Nothing special about it but if you like watching poorly edited, sub-par acting, adobe after effects added, non-exciting movies than this film is for you. Otherwise, avoid at all possible costs. I am giving this film 2/10 stars because William Forsythe was good but other than that nothing.

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