Christmas Spirit


Drama / Family / Fantasy

IMDb Rating 3.8 10 143

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Mariah Buzolin as Allison
Judy Landers as Chompie's voice
Alexandra Paul as Winnie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies 2 / 10

A one magical dog

Also known as A Christmas Puppy, this is yet another movie yawned forth from the hellscape of movies that are made by David DeCoteau. If you watched A Talking Cat!?! and were like, hey - I'd like him to make a Christmas movie, well, you already have Santa's Summer House. But then if you want more, what kind of monster are you?

This is the first of DeCoteau's Christmas movies, set in the same mansion where his homoerotic 1313 movie series is set.

Riley is charged with giving the Christmas Spirit to a family, so he does some breaking and entering and all manner of shenanigans ensue. There's also a Christmas Spirit who wears a toga like she's Vanna White in Goddess of Love who throws fortune cookies at Riley whenever he needs help.

Alexandra Paul - yes, the virgin Connie Swail from Dragnet - is in this, as is Maureen McCormick - yes, Marcia Brady - and Judy Landers - yes, Ms. Xenobia from Dr. Alien - as the voice of Chompie the dog.

While this movie was originally called A Christmas Puppy, the dog doesn't show up until the end and really doesn't have much to do with the film. That's probably why the title was changed, because I could see lots of kids being sat down in front of this as a babysitter over the holidays and their poor soft skulls having to contend with the pure ridiculousness that is a David DeCoteau movie.

Reviewed by Christmas-Reviewer 6 / 10

Television Budget / Running Time Ruined This

The gem of an idea get ruined in this television production. In this film a teenager gets visited by a "Christmas Spirit". This kid is not exactly full of "Christmas Cheer" but he isn't a bad kid. He is an only child to a single mother.

One day he gets a visit from a spirit that he MUST show another family the joy of Christmas. Not knowing how to do that he must wing it. THe spirit tells him to "follow the signs" and he will find the destination! She then hands him a fortune cookie that helps lead the way! Sounds great right. The kid must travel and look for signs. What a great funny set up. Can imagine the stranger on the bus looking at him. He getting the signs wrong. Great Right! Well it never happens. The TV Budget limits this film to just one location.

We go from his home to his destination. The film took too many short cuts. The film could of been great, But it becomes predictable and boring. Kids might like this but adults will just be bored. What could of been a funny and heartwarming story becomes another forgettable Christmas movie.

This film had a great and funny idea. This however a film with an idea that should be re-explored. A bigger budget would help. A longer journey for Riley should be on the agenda if someone does remake this.

If you come across this film pass on it!!

Reviewed by Zingbot_9000 1 / 10

Netflix never ceases to amaze me

Here is a movie they titled "Christmas Puppy" and showed a Lab Puppy with a Santa hat on the cover. This dog never appeared in the movie and in fact there was NO PUPPY in it.

There was one dog in it however a senior maltese mix that was so old it never got off of it's doggy bed the whole movie.

I blame Netflix because Netflix controls what it chooses to air. Other than that you can watch some terrible acting and a movie that looked like it was shot using an iphone.

I won't knock each of the actors appearing in this movie as a paycheck is a paycheck. There was however a look-a-like Angela Lansbury and phony Mike Schmidt in it. They did manage to get the real Marcia Brady and an old Baywatch chick.

WOW, what a stinker. I thought Netflix could get no worse, I was wrong.

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