Christmas Town


Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.9 10 1381

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Jason Cermak as Eric Fitzgerald
Karen Holness as Principal
Sunita Prasad as Heather
Caitlin Stryker as Karen List
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 7 / 10

Have yourself a charming little Christmas

Saw 'Christmas Town' namely because Christmas is my favourite time of year, always has been and always will be without fail, with so many fond memories associated with it. It was also one of many Christmas films seen for the first time this year, and most released this year, to have a change from the usual traditions (while still continuing those of course) and to distract myself from all the health difficulties suffered this year.

This Christmas film quest (and my next batch of reviews are going to be for the films in question, so a Christmas film review project) has been a mixed bag, some have been surprisingly good, some watchable if average and some mediocre or less. 'Christmas Town' turned out to be one of the better films in this quest. Not a masterpiece in any shape or form and won't be a personal favourite, but it did well with what it set out to do, didn't try to do more than needed and at least seemed to know what to do with itself. This is coming from somebody who loves film, television of all genres and decades, so somebody that aims to have as varied a film taste as possible.

'Christmas Town' is not for those that dislike cliche overload, with most of the characters and situations as cliched as they come it does make things very predictable.

Others have picked up too on the lack of realism understandably, some sloppy attention to detail here regarding the cat, the permanent address situation. Tim Rozon is also a bit bland and his performance could have done with more emotion.

Anybody that wants their hearts warmed and wants to be charmed for a couple of hours, while seeing something inoffensive and something different on the television are likely though to find much to like about 'Christmas Town'. The odd parts of sloppy editing aside, the film looks quite good with a quite picturesque setting that makes one want to be there. The soundtrack creates nostalgia and puts a smile on the face.

While the dialogue is not what one would call amazing, it is not as cheesy or as forced as a lot of festive films or films with similar story types. The story is formulaic, but is also immensely charming and heart-warming. There is nothing mean-spirited about it and it is genuinely moving without going overboard on the sentimentality, the letters and angel symbolism were poignantly integrated into the story. Some nice romantic chemistry can be seen and the character interaction is natural. Candace Cameron Bure is a big reason as to why 'Christmas Town' works, she has a likeable character worth identifying with and Bure is just beguiling.

Summing up, not great but a very pleasant watch and one of the better recent Christmas film viewings. 7/10

Reviewed by HotToastyRag 6 / 10

Bure has that special Christmas magic

It's a tradition for any Hallmark fan to watch the new Candace Cameron Bure movies during Christmas. Last year, she starred in Christmas Town, and while it was entertaining, it's easy to see it would be nothing without her. She has that special Christmas spirit that makes any Hallmark movie better, doesn't she?

In this one, she plays a city girl excited to further her career. In other words, in Hallmark language, she needs to get her priorities in order. While on her journey to her new city, she stops in a small town. Do you think she'll stay forever? Maybe you've seen too many Hallmarks. Certain scenes are very charming, but others are very unrealistic, like melting the heart of an elderly woman in a way that would be considered invasive in the real world. But if you want to see Candace with darker hair, and if you want to pretend the town charms her (instead of her charming the town), check your tv schedule for the next airing.

Reviewed by phd_travel 7 / 10

The adoption angle makes this one more meaningful

There is no Christmas on Hallmark without Candace Cameron Bure. And she has a better than average movie this year. Losing her parents when she was young a teacher finds herself in a small town for Christmas and like the town and takes to a foster kid. There is a romance too but it's the secondary thing in this movie for a change.

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