Silent Night, Deadly Night


Action / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 25%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 40%
IMDb Rating 5.9 10 12034


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Linnea Quigley as Denise
John Bishop as Older Boy Sledding - Bob
Judith Roberts as Mother Superior
Charles Dierkop as Killer Santa
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by louis-170 10 / 10

Best. Christmas. Film. Ever.

I have watched this film when I was a little kid. Since then, I re-watched it many times. When holidays comes, my wife want to watch Christmas films, I recommend this one. Even she watched this film twice. I am not religious person, but I like this concept. This film is well acted and well directed. Soundtrack is awsome. It is psychological thriller, it has violence and gore, it has sexy scenes too with good looking boys and girls. All that combined with killer Santa Claus. It is beautiful film, you will be entertained and you will be disturbed. What more do you need?

34 years later, still the best Christmas film. Santa knows if you've been bad !!!

Reviewed by Sam Panico 7 / 10

Have a scummy little Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone, it's time to descend into the absolute nadir of scummy movies and watch something that parents were right to worry about their kids watching.

Christmas 1971. Billy Chapman and his family go to see his grandfather in a nursing home. The silent, senile old man just sits there, but when Billy's parents walk away, he tells him that he should be afraid when Santa comes, because he knows that Billy hasn't been a good boy. On the way back, Billy's parents slow down so he can see Santa walk along the road. Billy is already freaked out, but then Santa shoots Billy's dad before raping and killing his mother - all while Billy and his infant brother Ricky watch.

Christmas 1974. Billy and Ricky celebrate in an orphanage. Well, there's not much to celebrate. There's non-stop punishment from Mother Superior and only Sister Margaret and Ricky are there to help Billy. Every holiday, our hero goes insane, drawing pictures of Santa killing his family and punching people dressed like Santa.

Christmas 1984. Sister Margaret gets Billy a job at a toy store, where things seem to be looking up. Billy even gets a love interest, Pamela, who he has wet dreams about that are interrupted by visions of Santa killing his family. Alright, I lied. Nothing is looking up, because Billy's boss has a new job for him: he has to be Santa for Christmas Eve.

There's a scene where Billy tells a young girl on his lap that he's going to punish her - while two moms look on approvingly - that is total insanity. Sister Margaret calls while this is happening to see how Billy is doing, only to learn that he's doing the one job he never should be doing.

There's a party in the store and Billy leaves on the Santa suit. The owner tells Billy to keep on drinking and he'll think he really is Santa Claus. Pamela leaves with Andy, the employee that always gives Andy a hard time. As Billy follows, he sees them making out, but soon Andy starts to rape his love interest. Billy responds in the way that any rational human being would: he hangs Andy with Christmas lights and stabs Pamela while describing how punishment is good.

Billy has followed his boss' advice: time to do what Santa does on Christmas Eve. Billy's version of Santa? His job is to kill. Billy lives up to that job description by killing his boss with a hammer and the store manager with a bow and arrow. Seriously, this movie has gone off the rails. Even scenes where people sing carols take on menace and dread.

Billy can't stop his rampage now. He kills a young couple just for having sex, impaling the girl on a deer's antlers and throwing the guy out the window. Talk about reindeer games! He then wakes up a little girl in the house and keeps asking her if she was naughty or nice. When she answers nice, he gives her a knife!

Don't be a bully harassing sled riders in Billy's neighborhood either, because he'll chop your head right off.

Sister Margaret turns to the police, who rush to the orphanage. One of the cops screws up on arrival and kills a cop dressed as Santa right in front of a kid. Santa lives matter! He pays for his naughtiness by getting axed by Billy, who makes his way into the building to confront Mother Superior. She taunts Billy, telling him she doesn't believe in Santa. Billy goes to kill her and is shot by a cop. Sister Margaret is sad that Billy is dead and tenderly touches his face. Yep, a nun is sad that a serial killing Santa Claus has been stopped from killing another nun. Such is this movie.

Billy dies, but not before telling the kids "You're safe now, Santa Claus is gone." Ricky, his brother, looks at Mother Superior and says one word: naughty.

Needless to say, I loved this movie. It's a gutter crawling piece of pure garbage, perfect for my holiday season. I savored it by literally screaming my throat raw whilst dancing around my living room in pure holiday celebration!

Reviewed by phanthinga 8 / 10

Are you naughty or nice ?

Silent Night,Deadly Night may not the first slasher movie take place on Christmas time but the controversy and impact of it in 1984 sure make it much more famous than i imagine.Watching it now in 2017 i find the movie very enjoyable but not quite shocking or disturbing like many people though back in the day.The violence is gory and Robert Brian Wilson really creep me out with his performance as the killer Santa but i think the most scary person in the movie is Mother Superior.Btw Merry Christmas everyone

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