Cisco Pike



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Gene Hackman as Officer Leo Holland
Harry Dean Stanton as Jesse Dupre
Kris Kristofferson as Cisco Pike
Howard Hesseman as Recording Engineer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shepardjessica 7 / 10

Early 70's standout drug-selling flick!

This film was barely seen in 1972 starring Kristofferson and Gene Hackman as a scumbag cop. Harry Dean Stanton is marvelous as Kris' friend and Karen Black is always interesting. The cute Joy Bang is even here. This film was so far under the radar, most people forgot it even exists.

A 7 out of 10. Best performance = Harry Dean Stanton. Hackman should have played more characters like this one. This may be Kristofferson's best work (as an actor) along with Blume in Love. Great cinematography and location work. I can't believe this wasn't a hit in 1972. Track this one down and you won't be disappointed.

There was plenty of "junk" in the golden age 70's, but this film should not be included.

Reviewed by CountZaroff 9 / 10

An overlooked classic

Somebody please bring this out on DVD, because I'm desperate to own a copy so I can watch it whenever I feel like it. It's rarely seen and it's a fantastic piece of 1970's cinema.

Strong, realistic, natural performances from Kris and Harry Dean, stacks of great cameos including the might Antonio Fargas. Fantastically evocative and one of the few occasions when Kristofferson's great presence and offscreen persona have been used to good effect in front of the camera.

If you love 1970's American films (and if you have any feeling for movies at all, you have to love this period), then this is up there with the best.

If you have a chance to see it, take it.

Reviewed by JasparLamarCrabb 7 / 10

Kristofferson's star is born...

A really good movie with an unlikely cast and virtually no plot. Kris Kristofferson is a singer whose career has seen better days, blackmailed into selling drugs by crooked cop Gene Hackman. The movie is episodic, but those episodes are terrific, particularly when Kristofferson and former band-mate Harry Dean Stanton hook up with a couple of party girls (one of which is played by Warhol superstar Viva, sporting a pretty unattractive perm). Hackman really only appears briefly and the film is carried by Kristofferson (and he's great). In addition to Stanton and Viva, the supporting cast includes Antonio Fargas, Allan Arbus and Karen Black, who gives what has to rank as her least affected performance. As Kristofferson's live-in girlfriend, she's almost a revelation.

The film is NOT in league with FIVE EASY PIECES, but it's a very well made study of an outsider who really doesn't want to be an insider! Directed by the always unusual Bill L. Norton.

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