Clash of the Titans


Action / Adventure / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 28%
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Alexa Davalos as Andromeda
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Maciste_Brother 3 / 10

The uneven original is remade into an abysmal, joyless adventure

Remakes these days are almost always terrible and having seen production photos of COTT before its release, photos that didn't inspire much confidence, I decided not to see the remake on the big screen, opting to wait for it on DVD or download. I always had a love/hate approach to the original which I saw at the cinemas when I was a young teen. So take this as someone who's not a fanatic of the original and was going to hate any remake from the get go. With that said the new film is thoroughly awful in almost every way possible. Except for the beginning (which is OK, not great), the action packed but not suspenseful Medusa scene and the clearly OTT ending, there's nothing much else to see. The entire cast of characters is uniformly unpleasant. Not one likable character in the whole thing, including a growling Perseus (played by one-note Aussie actor Sam Worthington). This is difference with the original. I basically liked almost every characters, no matter how cardboard they were.

Here's a breakdown of the film:

  • the changes to the story (humans vs gods) doesn't make any sense.

  • Adding the religious/cult storyline with the crazy leader was awful. It added nothing and the character was annoying as hell.

  • It doesn't really look Greek at all but more Pompeiish than anything else. The design of Argos, though spectacular during the climax, has absolutely nothing to do with Greek design/architecture.

  • the look and design of Mount Olympus is tacky. Looks like a cheesy sci-fi movie.

  • Like the original, the other Gods do not have much to do.

  • In the original, Perseus had to tame Pegasus which made sense, for a Heroic journey. In the remake, Pegasus, who's black, appears to him and, well, that's it. Totally dull. The original was much better in this regard. And the reason they made Pegasus black because the CGI is more forgiving than if it was white. 

  • the scene with the scorpions doesn't make any sense whatsoever. In the original, the Medusa's blood mutates the scorpions into big monsters but in the remake, Calibos' blood (after his hand was cut off) drips on some sand and the scorpions appear from the ground, killing most of the men from Argos but then Perseus and his men team up with the mysterious beings that use the big scorpions as transportation like nothing had happened! Huh?

  • the set for the Medusa scene is pretty good and the Medusa is OK as a superfast slithery creature but the scene is more action than suspense. And Sam wears flesh-colored tights during many shots, which makes it look very silly.

The ending is so over-the-top that it's almost a thing of beauty. Here's a breakdown:

  • It takes the Kraken 15 minutes to surface. There's slow and slow, but man, that beast is constipated.

  • The Kraken looks like a turtle/octopus/that monster from Return of the Jedi thingy

  • The climax occurs during an eclipse. Why?

  • The ending or confrontation between the Kraken and Perseus is ridiculously drawn out, extended by having those winged demons snatch the bag with the head of the Medusa (how did they know what was in the bag?)

  • the action is often so confusing that the characters have to tell us what's going on such as when the winged demons snatch the bag, Perseus yells that they stole it because we clearly couldn't see what was going on.

  • Andromeda, which is not the love interest in this version, hangs from the sacrificial altar hundreds of feet above the sea, strung up by her arms, which she never seems to find painful. Unlike other Sword & Sandal films where people were in extreme pain when hanging from their arms, Andromeda is remarkably calm and nonchalant about it all.

  • When the Kraken becomes a statue, the whole thing is beyond silly. It looks like the monster has a sudden rash. It crumbles from its own weight and Andromeda falls in the ocean and yet Perseus is able to find her underwater amidst the whole chaos. He must have a heat seeking device on him.

- Sam Worthington's Aussie accent can be heard throughout the movie. Plus the fact that his hair is not in style with the times, the less time Sam is on screen, the better it is.

The score is totally forgettable, unlike the Laurence Rosenthal score for the original, which is beautiful and soaring.

All in all, this remake is at times so bad that in its own way becomes a thing of beauty. I mean, how can a film get it so wrong on so many levels? Even the brief cameo of Bubo, which was a sight for soar eyes, was mishandled. The film was a huge success and even though the Kraken is dead and the Medusa is headless, Warner has already greenlighted a sequel!

Because of this remake, I have to re-evaluate the original, which, after watching this suddenly comes out as brilliant on almost every level, including the fact that its more in tune with Greek mythology than this unpleasant version. Well, I still find the original uneven at best but it's also more enjoyable, memorable and far sexier too.

Reviewed by masercot 2 / 10

The Clash is with the Original Story

The producers of Clash of the Titans brought the story of Perseus to a place it has never been to, then told it to get out of the car and walk home. It was definitely no more brutal than being hit in the face with a bag of bronze statues; moreover, it was more interesting than the instructions that come with a hair brush.

Fortunately, the story doesn't diverge from the original myth until a good sixty seconds in. Perseus and his mother are found in a box set to the mercy of the sea. So, what motivates Perseus to go on his famous quest to behead the Medusa and kill the sea monster? Why, revenge o' course! The gods killed his family with some sort of ship seeking death ray made out of dirt. Specifically, Hades, the evil death god, killed Perseus' family.

Forget that Hades was no more evil than any other Olympian god. The producers of Clash of the Titans felt that its target audience, retarded chimpanzees waiting out a rain storm, would be confused. Also, the original motive for Perseus adventure would've actually required over fifteen seconds to relate; too much time for today's busy, rain-fearing simian. Perseus swims away from his dead family with a hatred for all the gods, effectively silencing any fundamentalists who caught wind of the production...

Did I mention Liam Neeson plays Zeus? I'm pretty sure I didn't. He looks pretty embarrassed to be a part of the movie; it almost looks as if there is a professional negotiator, just off camera, in case the actor loses his nerve. Fortunately for Liam, after a barrage of giant scorpions, aliens(?), black Pegasus and a Perseus who looks more like a United States Marine than an ancient Greek, Zeus is pretty much forgotten.

And, the effects! A Medusa that seems to have stepped right out of Sim Life; an incongruous sea monster that belongs in a Freaky's cereal commercial (Note: Please bring Freaky's back); and, CGI death and stoning that could've definitely been produced on my son's Macintosh.

Ray Harryhausen's silly version of this movie looks like a masterpiece in comparison...

Reviewed by nilen-51573 4 / 10

Just forgettable

When it comes to movies for me its always small details that either win me over or make me dislike a movie. This movie is not that interesting and kind of forgettable, but I remember a few details that made me really dislike the movie because it made no sense. The king has no soldiers left to he sends the old and the young on this dangerous mission. But when the city is about to be destroyed you see the king running around with a few soldiers that looks awesome and not old or young, but like regular soldiers. Why did these not go with the others on the mission? Seems like they could have done a lot to help it. But maybe they where not that great because they did not protect the king from getting stabbed. For that matter it is known that the city will be destroyed if not the mission is completed and that the mission will possible, if not probably fail. Why has no one in the city left it? Everyone seems surprised and unprepared when it starts to fall. These where a few details which I really disliked.

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