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Samuel L. Jackson as Tom Cutler
Eva Mendes as Ann Norcut
Ed Harris as Eddie Lorenzo
Keke Palmer as Rose Cutler
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by webdak 3 / 10

wasted end

It starts really interesting - the story develops around the main character, who runs a "cleaning business", specialized in cleaning up crime scenes. As a former cop, he runs into some strange situation, when one job does suddenly "offically vanish". Furthermore, he discovers some relation to an investigation into police corruption. His "Columbo Feeling" is justified, the deeper he gets into the background of the story. The good actors (Jackson, Ed Harris, Eva Mendes) play in an suspenseful story with some twists --- but only up to the last 25 minutes. (up to here 7 of 10 stars). SPOILER:::: Suddenly the movie looses its touch and in the end there is a completely unnecessary shoot-out, involving the 14-year old daughter, a betrayal of friendship and a not justified righteousness out of the character development... why not having Cutler giving up his investigation for the sake of the friendship? or having the daughter discovering some facts? or ... many possible much better story finishes are imaginable... a truly wasted ending!

Reviewed by blanche-2 6 / 10

no surprises here

Samuel L. Jackson, Ed Haris, Eva Mendes, and Luis Guzman star in "Cleaner" from 2007, directed by Renny Harlin and written by Matthew Aldrich.

Tom Carver (Jackson) is a widower and ex-cop raising his daughter (Keke Palmer). Since leaving the department, his new job is that of Cleaner- meaning he cleans up crime scenes and leaves the area spotless.

One day he's called to an address in a very good neighborhood. No one is home, but there is a note where to find a key. The scene is a mess - covered with blood everywhere. He does his usual excellent job of cleaning and sterilizing the premises. Then he learns that he may have destroyed evidence and might have involved himself in a cover up.

This film was well acted but easy to figure out. The script really needed to be tightened up. It was not a bad movie. Just nothing special about it.

Reviewed by diggus doggus 5 / 10

would be decent film with great big plot hole

I will steal a phrase from another IMDb user and tell you straight away, this is a classic example of a film script that could use a few re- writes.

Samuel L Jackson is a crime scene cleaner (and also retired policeman) who one day goes to clean a site, and forgets to put back the house key. Next day he goes to the house, and he finds the people living there did not know a crime was committed there the previous day. Is someone trying to set him up?


Jackson finds almost immediately that his cleanup request was not legit; someone called in giving a fake name, and he just went through the procedure.

Now, later in the film, he finds a MacGuffin (generic item of interest in a film's plot) which prevents him from going straight to the police. But, BEFORE he finds the MacGuffin, he's just an honest ex-policeman that finds someone has forged police papers.

You would think he'd go straight to the police to give them all the evidence he has, non?

But no, he doesn't. He needs to get himself tangled up in the plot for no reason, other than getting the film to move forward. If he did the one reasonable and most likely action, then the film would end right there and then.

Aside from this horrible plot hole, the film isn't bad. There is a cringy sub-plot involving his young daughter and deceased wife, but it's completely extraneous to the story.

The film is rather well directed and Jackson puts in a really good performance, be he is put down by both Eva Mendez being wooden and horrible as always (i cannot fathom how this person can be called an actress), and by the Bad Guy being the same Bad Guy in every role he plays, totally giving away the ending.

It's not a good film. I would not recommend this if not as a negative example to people wanting to write for film.

5/10 - watchable but completely ruined by the mistakes.

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