For the Love of George


Comedy / Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.7 10 501


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Kristen Johnston as Psychic Sara
Rosanna Arquette as Dr. Faye Carter
Marina Sirtis as Sharon
Tate Donovan as Alvin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by EricMcCullough1 10 / 10

Fun quirky comedy

Watched this with my girlfriend the other day. I wouldn't normally watch a romantic comedy but it was Valentine's day and the trailer looked good. I have to say though that i thoroughly enjoyed this film and so did my girlfriend. The story is sweet and I loved the soundtrack! In particular I liked the lead (Nadia Jordan) and Rex Lee (from Entourage) is good in this too. Highly recommended if you want something that both you and your significant other will enjoy!

Reviewed by laurengreen-37273 9 / 10

Enjoyable chick flick

I enjoyed this movie. It had a unique story and fun characters. It centers around Poppy, a long time married woman, who's catches her husband with another women. She take off and goes in search of her celebrity crush, who happens to be George Clooney! This is definitely more of a film that will appeal to women. It was directed by Maria Burton and written by Nadia Jordan (who plays Poppy) and Hayley Nolan and has a whole load of female characters. Loved the message it got over too!

Reviewed by janhazel 9 / 10

Refreshing rom com

Clearly an indie film with lots of actors I had not seen before but I really liked this movie all the same. Fantasy combined with fun and a little drama thrown in. Women are likely to appreciate this more, especially as the subject matter is George Clooney!

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