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Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 68%
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Lizzy Caplan as Marlena Diamond
Jessica Lucas as Lily Ford
Odette Annable as Beth McIntyre
Ben Feldman as Travis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jlira 1 / 10


i went in expecting a scary monster movie.

what i got was 15 minutes of bad TV dialog, and 45 minutes of shaky-cam running through the streets. the acting was OK but the characters were really unpleasant. not only did i not care if they died, by the end of the movie i was rooting for the monster.

there were a lot of plot holes and the decisions everyone made were totally unrealistic. it was hard to stay in the movie because of the constant lapses of common sense and logical flaws. those kinds of things really annoy me when they could have been fixed with a line or two of dialog.

finally at the end of the movie there were a couple minutes of cool special effects. the rest of the movie was a waste of time.

Reviewed by Ilan Havinga 1 / 10

Is this a joke?

What on earth is this movie doing with a 8.1/10 rating?

I think I'm being kind with a 3/10. It is just as a big a disaster for me as its trying to portray(but fails completely)

Now what puzzles me is why on earth would you go completely calm and focused towards an alien monster trashing the city with bombs being dropped on it? O save a women who should have been dead but miraculously survives. She has a metal rod through her chest (or i think it was, with all that nauseating camera work) and should have died of loose of blood.... Now another thing i don't quite get is the camera...hmmm 10 hours of battery..yea, Captures all the good bits of an exiting adventure,HD quality and doesn't run out of battery or stop working from all the times its dropped and thrown in the movie! God i have to find a place where they sell these!

And now onto the acting...acting? Its not hard to scream and look really scared which is all they do..they don't even need to look convincing because half the time the camera is trying to look really really realistic and is filming the ground. Now this guys best friend that is filming...i don't think i have come across a narrator that annoying. What does he do in the movie apart from saying..omg what just happened dude?..what was that?Dude this is scary. I mean what the ****?When he finally dies after miraculously surviving a helicopter crash with his friends i rejoiced! Sorry for not knowing his name but even now i don't even know who's who?

Just don't bother with this movie, please I'm glad i only downloaded it first before going out to watch in the cinemas. You'll be wishing the movie to end so you can get on with your life.

Reviewed by brc23 1 / 10

Duped by Excellent Marketing

I have to hand it to JJ Abrams....we fell for this flick hook line and sinker.

The only downside is it COMPLETELY lacked substance. There was NO story. We went to see a monster movie only to find out NOTHING...I mean NOTHING about it. It was about stupid people who were unwilling to leave the city...and then were killed. Big deal.

In the end you didn't know how the monster got there, if they actually killed it, what it's powers were, what the little monsters were, where it came from, what it never even got to see the entire shape of it or the use of all it's body parts.

It is the only movie I have ever wanted to walk out of. I just kept waiting for it to get better.

If Abrams ends Lost this way the world is going to come unglued!!!!!

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