The Last Summer



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Halston Sage as Erin
Gabrielle Anwar as Griffin's Mom
Tyler Posey as Ricky
Jackie Sandler as Tracey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mira-nikolov 3 / 10

Nothing special

What is the purpose of this movie? It feels like the creators just wanted to give KJ Apa a movie and wrote a mediocre storyline in one day. Most of the characters are quite unlikable and I didn't seem to care about them at all. The movie doesn't bring anything new to the table. It definitely didn't grab my interest. Poorly done.

Reviewed by salturner-62564 2 / 10

Hope Maia Mitchell's back is ok after carrying the entire cast throughout this movie

Maia Mitchell was her typical self. Great acting. The rest of the cast was beyond terrible. At times it was hard to watch. The writers don't know teens at all. I'm a 22 year old grad student (definitely not a teen), yet I felt my eyes rolling into the back of my head over how out of touch this script was. It was like how a nerdy 35 year old man would write a movie about what he thinks the cool kids were like in high school. If I hadn't drank an entire bottle of wine while watching it, it would've been unbearable.

Reviewed by petrasasic 4 / 10

Highly unrealistic

Setting unrealistic expectations of young love and romance to the younger generation.

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