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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Kudacash 8 / 10

Very True to S.A's climate

Gave us an intro that keeps us on the hook throughout the film, the social commentary is true to South Africa's current climate. Sound design was very well done music selection was on point and the way it was filmed was quite picturesque. The commentary on Xenophobia is also not too over done...

Reviewed by beso-langa 1 / 10

Clichés, stereotypes, lack of joburg knowledge, white privilege versus white guilt and misrepresentation of the underworld.

This film is way subpar. A French director obviously clueless about Johannesburg's urban underworld subculture and the youth drug problems. There is style and form but where content fall short is entirely in the script, research about the context of issues explored notwithstanding that those subject matters are an accurate examples of what plagues society. The setbacks are plenty and that includes the acting, casting and continuity. The tone of the story is told from a dull perspective.

A teenage girl in high school with tattoos? Wow! This is what happens when you cast age inappropriate. Her boyfriend on the other end, given it is his first screen appearance lacked range. The casting director should have gone for someone who is an all round performer, that is an actor who actually can sing. So much is wrong here. Trying to tell a story without indepth knowledge and research of the pivotal subplots renders this film a waste of money.

The core of the message was choked up from the onset. You cannot get away with plagiarism. You copy CRASH and then briefly you steal Frank Costello's iconic scene in the DEPARTED, how do you expect to get away plagiarizing two Oscar winning films? Pay homage to Scorsese or Haggis required the filmmakers to be adept in the subject matter and point if view of the main characters. Whom were all atrocious in their display. Hillbrow is not based in downtown joburg. Zero authenticity there. I give this film a flat 1/10 for the fact that whomever approved the script and filmmakers involved they just did for the sake of doing it. Zero impetus and I walked away with nothing positive to say about it. Human trafficking is a very serious topic but as one of the major subplots it was told without merit. The drug culture amongst the youth in South Africa is another subplot explored poorly. White privileged kids in school uniform buy their drugs from kingpins who wear business suits and drive fancy cars, if not they usually procure their drugs not in a dingy urban dwellings. The world in this film is way too superficial, inner Johannesburg was meant to be the underbelly of the said world. Nothing original about the entirety of this project.

Lack of Police presence in a thriller/ crime story is another shortcoming. I could go on and on but ultimately this was a waste of my free time.

Very disappointing.

Reviewed by nrgigaba 8 / 10

Social Commentary

A teenager girl (Zoey Sneedon) is kidnapped by a gang lord (Vuyo Dabula) and her parents take to the streets to find her.

I think Collusion had the potential to be brilliant movie but the writing is all over.

The are two storylines running parallel to each other, the story of a kidnapping and xenophobia which don't connect to each other.

The ending of the movie could of been so much better tying the two stories to each other. Overall, it's a fun watch.

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