The Cell 2


Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 7%
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Frank Whaley as Duncan
Bart Johnson as Skylar
Charles Halford as Deputy Finch
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 4 / 10

Terrible Screenplay

The FBI Agent Maya (Tessie Santiago) has developed the ability of psychically connect with other people after being murdered six times and brought back to live by the sadistic serial-killer Cusp. Now she is tracking down the infamous criminal through his mind using a device to protect herself but after an unsuccessful manhunt, she quits the FBI. One year later, when the niece of Sheriff Harris (Chris Bruno) is abducted by Cusp, Maya's former chief Kassel (Michael Flynn) summons her back to the investigation. Maya teams up with Harris trying to save his niece Penelope (Amee Walden), but her time is short and she must risk her own safety to help the young woman.

"The Cell 2" uses the idea of the average "The Cell" combined to these sadistic movies of torture like "Saw" franchise, but the result is weaker than the foregoing films. First, the screenplay is terrible, with many clichés and holes and awful characters. The restricted budget associated to the reasonable acting make this direct to DVD movie forgettable and a waste of time. My vote is four.

Title (Brazil): "A Cela 2" ("The Cell 2")

Reviewed by Argemaluco 2 / 10

This movie sucks very bad

The movie The Cell had impressed me with its imaginative visual effects,and at the same time,it had bored me with its story,which made us to swallow an absurd premise.On that film,director Tarsem Singh had shown talent on the visual aspect,but he had also shown inability for getting an adequate rhythm and tone to complement the story.Now,9 years later,we have the disastrous sequel of that film.But,on this sequel,we unfortunately do not have Singh's visual creativity,so the final experience is even more boring than the first film.Actress Tessie Santiago could be politely described as a mediocre actress; however,I dare to speculate that she was not hired because of her doubtful level of talent,but because her face is like a combination between Jennifer López (the main actress from the original film) and Eva Longoria.The producers from this film may have thought that hiring Santiago to work on this movie would be an attractive element to the Latin spectators.Whatever the case is,she brings a very mediocre performance.Replacing Singh as a director,we now have Tom Iacofano,who has directed episodes from series like Smallville,24 and Supernatural.His "direction" in this movie is disastrous on every single aspect.The parts on which his horrible work is most noticed is on the sequences which are set inside the mind of killer for many aspects but mainly,because they seem to be extracts from an 80's video-clip,for the extremely poor visual style.Iacofano's laziness on his work is absolutely insulting for the spectator.The Cell 2 is pure and absolute rubbish,and it is so bad that all the copies from this "film" should be burnt on fire.The only reason I do not rate this movie with a 1 is because the sequence on the helicopter near the end provoked a few accidental laughs on me.

Reviewed by ctomvelu1 4 / 10

Skip it

A very loose and disappointing sequel to The Cell, Cell 2 stars a Sandra Bullock lookalike as a clairvoyant on the trail of a serial killer named The Cusp. Fifteen minutes into the movie and we know who the killer is. Shot on no budget, this Utah-lensed video makes little effort in the special effects department, in stark contrast to The Cell with its operatic sets and imaginative use of CGI. So it's pretty much a standard criminal pursuit film, and the truth is one can get more kick out of an episode of TV's Criminal Intent. Toward the end, for a few seconds, we get to see our clairvoyant heroine all gussied up. And I must admit I wouldn't mind spending a little time with her. But she is no Jennifer Lopez (or Sandra Bullock) in the acting department, at least not here. Frank Whaley costars.

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