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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by iix-31422 1 / 10

When non-comedians try to be funny :(

When non-comedians try to be funny :( You could literally when it was a writers joke being performed. It was the weakest roast of all. Kevin Pollak with his 30 years old impressions. Jeff Ross reduced to 3 minutes. Nothing shocking from fear to be fired or #tagged. It was terrible.

Reviewed by lovelywaz 5 / 10

Joseph Gordon Levitt is to this show what James Franco was to Oscars

Right from the start, Levitt sets the (unfunny) tone for the show. He can be summed up with just one line. "Joseph Gordon Levitt is to this show what James Franco was to the Oscars."

Most of the roasters are not funny at all. Everyone wonders why are they there and I was wondering why am I wasting my time watching this? They don't even know what a "roast" is, some mediocre random jokes is NOT roasting someone.

The hour is saved by Edward Norton who does a great job at roasting Willis in a very sarcastic way. His jab at MCU movies and specially The Incredible Hulk may rub some (a lot of) people the wrong way but it was part of roasting Bruce Willis and fit perfectly.

Jeff Ross, while being funnier than everyone else, was actually just OK when you think how bad everyone else besides Norton was. If everyone else sucks, then of course you gonna have some OK jokes look great too.

All in all, I gave it 5 / 10, thanks to Norton and Ross for saving this otherwise train wreck of a "roast" show. If you are watching on a streaming service, save your time to avoid clingiest jokes and moments and just skip to Edward Norton and Jeff Ross parts.

Reviewed by maarten_wieringa7 6 / 10

Some of them wer'e good, and some of them we're terrible

First of all Dom Irrera and Jeff Ross were great in this one. The best set of Ross in years. Irrera was very funny and harsh. Great set from him.

Nikki Glaser was ok, i liked her Rob Lowe set more. Martha Stewart was funnier at the Bieber roast but had a few good jokes here as well. Demi Moore's set was ok too. Not extremely funny but it was ok.

I didn't like the Cybil Sheperd, Dennis Rodman, Lil Rel Howery and Kevin Pollak sets. I didn't think they were funny or clever.

6/10, not the worst roast but certainly not the best.

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