Concrete Cowboy



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kjeltprent 8 / 10

A good modern western movie with great acting

At some points the film it is a bit slow but that is part of a modern western so its oké. The film lasted just a bit too long, it could be 10 minutes shorter. Caleb Mclaughlin gives a great performance and he can play drama very well. Idris Elba is not that much in the movie but when he is there he is very good. At a few moments in the film it is very emotional and its inpressive How they handled it. There are a lot of beautiful shots in the movie. Overall its a good movie with tons of great acting but a little to slow and long.

I give the movie a 8/10.

Reviewed by yusufpiskin 8 / 10

Rise Of The Caleb Mclaughlin

"There's a horse in your house." hidden gem of the first half of 2021. A film about a young man reconnecting with his father in Philadelphia sounds like it can be a cliched drama. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. It tackles a subject not seen much in film, the urban cowboy. On the surface it felt like watching a film about a man learning the cowboy ways but in a ghetto environment.

Caleb McLaughlin shows that he's a talented actor. He gives a fantastic performance as Cole. If he wanted to move away from Stranger Things, I think this performance shows that he has the talent to tackle adult roles. I also like his bond with Idris Elba. At first I wasn't sure if his character had much going on under the surface, but he shines in the second half. He seems like the father figure that can be a good father in the toughest circumstance.

I do wish that the screenplay could've developed Cole's relationship with Smush alot better. I felt like when we get to those scenes, they felt like typical black drama that I've seen before. When we get to Smush's gang life, I felt like the screenplay didn't have enough to develop. Anyway, it doesn't take away too much since the best parts are when Cole is on this self-discovery journey.

If you have Netflix and want to see a cowboy drama from the black perspective, this is worth checking out.

Reviewed by lewilewis1997 8 / 10

Haters Gonna Hate...

A good solid 8 and a film with heart. Can't understand the low ratings, but I figure a lot of people don't like the idea of black cowboys, tough, they exist and always have. I can imagine what type of people are giving this a 1/10. Have you learned nothing in this last year?

It's not just a coming of age film, but a cultural lesson, one I had no idea about.

Most of the characters are based on real life cowboys in Philadelphia. Fletcher Street was a real stable until it was destroyed by the Philly authorities for 're development'.

The acting is solid. Idris Elba (Pops) is very good as the strong silent type, his son, Caleb McLaughlin (Cole), grows up fast because he has too. His first day of honest hard work was pretty funny.

This is a well rounded, factual film that shines a light on the injustice in America today and how communities that are trying to do the right thing are screwed over by the system. They ain't rich so they're fair game, same old, same old.

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