The Lovers


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Aidan Gillen as Robert
Debra Winger as Mary
Tracy Letts as Michael
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by anthonyjlangford 8 / 10

Not for the multiplex demographic

A middle age couple are in the throes of an affair. Both of them.

The subtleties of a middle age relationship will be wasted on the young. Having read the negative reviews here, there's no doubting the reviewer's age. They've completely missed the point. That's fine. It's not for them. I may have felt the same way, once.

For everyone else, this is subtle, poignant, witty, truthful and very funny. It takes you to places you expect, in a natural but charming way and then surprises you. It's a very delicate balance, pulled off beautifully by writer and director.

And what a superb cast. All four of the main parts are played to perfection. These are no hacks. A top notch class act. The Lovers is a wonderfully fresh film for a mature audience. About time.

Reviewed by bmennen 7 / 10

Love and Marriage

The only other review so far (by Bastille above) is on the money. He does a good job of describing the acting, script, etc. I would like to add another point, however: it also cleverly examines the issues of love, marriage, lust, and sex and how they are intertwined...or not.

Very creative.

Reviewed by bastille-852-731547 7 / 10

Indie comedy is simplistic but entertaining.

This light, breezy comedy starring Debra Winger and Tracy Letts follows a husband and wife--both of which are having an extramarital affair. As the film progresses, they begin to discover clues and eventually find out that they are both seeing someone else. Through a clever incorporation of dramatic and situational irony throughout the narrative, viewers will learn what will happen to their marriage. The acting in the film is generally very good, as Winger and Letts play their roles with charisma and a solid amount of passion and effort. The script is generally well-written and very down-to-earth. At a relatively fleeting 94 minutes, the plot moves along swiftly and is generally paced quite well. The aesthetic technique of the film is very simple in nature, with a violin-based score and relatively few set pieces. None of that, however, takes away from the viewer's experience watching the film. However, I do have a few criticisms of the film. My biggest complaint is that the use of parallelism in scenes that trade off between depicting Winger's character and Letts' character was often distracting. Additionally, the climax and ending feels a little rushed. That said, this is a solid and enjoyable independent film. Recommended. 7/10

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