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Alison Pill as Lucy
Elijah Wood as Clint
Nasim Pedrad as Rebekkah
Rainn Wilson as Wade
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 10 / 10


Clint (Elijah Wood) goes to his old school, Fort Chicken elementary school, Illinois (GO FIGHTING ROOSTERS!) as a substitute teacher. He meets Lucy (Alison Pill) an old friend who has trouble with normal conversations. Her boyfriend is the PE teacher Wade (Rainn Wilson) who owns a truck with duo rear wheels. The film introduces us to a number of quirky characters and kids that are not that adorable. Due to a viral breakout caused by processed chicken nuggets (I tossed mine out after seeing how nuggets are made from pink paste) the children turn into blood thirsty zombies who attack in hordes with some limited mental capacities.

The film spoofs formula writing: dress up montage; guy who is way too smart; self-sacrifice individual; climbing through the vent duct; and a reference to a previous film..."Sneak around like a little Hobbit."

This is a funny zombie style cult film.

Guide: F-bomb. No sex or nudity.

Reviewed by torndownunit 8 / 10

Great Fun

I have a really tough time figuring out what people want from the Horror genre nowadays. I am really surprised to see this movie doesn't have a higher rating on here. This is a great Horror/Comedy movie, with an outstanding cast, and very good writing. It's just a really gory, really funny, really run movie. What you see in the trailer is what you get, which is nice for a change with the amount of misleading trailers nowadays. The only reason I don't give it an even higher rating is because I agree with other viewers that it does lag a bit around the middle of the film. It almost seems like they just shoved some filler in to meet a running time. But it manages to get back on track again. I rarely read reviews on here, but I laughed out loud and had a great time watching this movie.

Reviewed by whysoserious6 4 / 10

Waste of potential.

This film had so many people talking because it's such a strange premise. Only so often do little children play big roles in films. More times then not this is for the best because, simply put, they are horrible actors. But 'Cooties' gets that and takes complex acting out of the equation right away. Having them instead act as target practice for the talented adult cast. This is what makes 'Cooties' so entertaining. It's clear that both the child and adult cast are having a blast with this film. And that translates through the film. It's a blast to watch. The comedy hits more then it doesn't and the unique premise is a whole lot of fun. But the standouts here are Elijah Wood and Rainn Wilson. They have incredible chemistry together and their comedic timing is spot on.

​The film realizes this. It knows that every moment they spend off screen is a moment that is hurting the film. So, when it tries to kill off one of these two it's painfully obvious that they don't have the guts to go through with it. This is only confirmed with a tacked on ending in which he makes his dramatic re- entry. This happening less then ten minutes after his "death". So why was that in the film at all?

​It only hurts itself doing this. Having him comeback a couple minutes later makes his sacrifice completely meaningless. It robs itself of any weight that the scene carried. Why not just have him escape with the others? It would not have been hard to have him get away and it wouldn't have looked completely lazy either. However, I shouldn't have been surprised by this. Because the entire film operates like this. Saying one thing and doing another or not doing anything at all. Take the zombies for example. The film shows them being super smart, like cutting the power and destroying all communication devices. But it also shows them waiting to pounce until one of the characters notice them. Or making a single file line and attacking one by one. The whole run time is like this. The zombies being super smart and forcing the humans to try and get away but will (for whatever reason) eat sleeping pills when they are thrown their way. It's completely nonsensical. The longer the film runs the more illogical it becomes, only to be capped off by a ridiculously tacked on ending.

'Cooties' will certainly become a guilty pleasure. It's highly entertaining premise and hilariously gory kills make for a fun watch. But don't expect to be invested in this movie. The bland characters, horrendous plot and stupid zombie mechanics make sure that you don't have to much fun.

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