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Andrea Roth as Teresa
Jason Priestley as Robert
Garry Chalk as Louis Vale
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cosmo_tiger 5 / 10

A religious themed movie about a family bonding during a tragedy. Very cheesy but overall not too bad. I say C

"Dear God, please protect us from this storm." After receiving the news that his new book is not selling and the store he works at is going to close because of it Robert (Priestley) decides the best way to clear his head is to get on his boat with his family and get away for the weekend. While on the way to the island getaway a storm hits and the family is stuck on an island, but they are not alone. Being that this is a movie from the "Faith & Family" series, I was expecting some cheesiness from this. I was not disappointed. This is a hard movie to review. There really is no substance to this movie. The acting is pretty bad, and the movie seems to get more and more absurd. That being said, it is a religious themed movie and all of that stuff is to be expected so it can't be docked because of it. It you have seen any of the other "Faith & Family" movies you will know what to expect from this one. If you are looking for a feel good, uplifting movie this is a good one to pick, but again there is not much to this one. Overall, not good, but not bad either. A decent one time watch. I give it a C.

Would I watch again? - No I wouldn't *Also try - Letters To God & Expecting A Miracle

Reviewed by moviesarebetterthantvshows 5 / 10

definitely a made for TV movie, not bad over all.

The movie was okay. I just finished watching it on the movie network. Jason Priestly (Robert) is an important figure in the movie, and plays a father role who just finished writing a novel. Priestly doesn't really do much acting in this role, it is mainly done by his wife who is the one who really shows the courage in this movie. His wife played by Andrea Roth(Teresa), also the stepmother of his daughter. His daughter is played by Genenvieve Buchner (Megan). It starts off pretty well with an opening scene of future events to come and how they get caught in a big storm on their family boat. The movie portrays how a modern family overcomes their differences and work together to survive difficult situations. The acting overall isn't really that great but not bad for a made for t.v. movie. It does keep you interested as to what is going to happen next. I would say it's movie that you can watch with the family, especially if you have a teenager's who give you a hard time. They may learn to appreciate you more if you were in this situation as this family was. Also, a good one for those struggling step mothers who have a hard time bonding with their step children.

On a side note they state on the movie network that their is some nudity in it. Well let me just let you know, that no nudity occurred.

Reviewed by rgcustomer 5 / 10

Yet another Canada-made generic-US-town bore

I suspect like most people, I got conned into watching this because of Jason Priestly's name.

Still cute, but he pretty much phoned in his performance. Jerk. At least his character got a leg infection.

But his performance is stellar compared to that of almost everyone else involved in the project, from the writers to the director to the other actors, the cinematographer, the music, and the special effects group.

One sure sign of a crap movie is the fact that it's obviously made in Canada, and yet it supposed to be in some US town that nobody can name. Not on the public buildings, not on the police cars, nowhere. But, like every small US town, it does have a Scotiabank. I'm amazed they actually found a Washington license plate. Big budget, eh?

I start out assuming that a movie will be a 7, and then I start moving the score up or down from there. This one quickly dropped to 6, which typically are B movies, and then to 5, which are things that are so bad they can hardly even be called movies. I didn't give it a 4 or less, because I don't feel that the filmmakers actually intended to maliciously insult the audience.

The only part that wasn't predictable was how awesomely bad the ending was going to be. I don't think I've seen anything more recent than the Gilligan's Island TV series that actually uses sped-up playback to turn a walking bear into a running bear. On Bear Island. Whatever.

If you're in Canada, and particularly in BC, you probably helped pay for this piece of junk, via its tax credits or film incentives. Are you having fun yet?

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