Crazy Heart


Action / Drama / Music / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 91%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 76%
IMDb Rating 7.3 10 79559


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Colin Farrell as Tommy Sweet
Jeff Bridges as Bad Blake
Robert Duvall as Wayne
Maggie Gyllenhaal as Jean Craddock
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by KnightsofNi11 7 / 10

Jeff Bridges is absolutely amazing

Here is the film that the ridiculously talented Jeff Bridges finally won an Oscar for, and deservedly so. His performance is the gleaming highlight of this film in the best way possible. He is playing washed up country singer Bad Blake, trying to overcome alcoholism and a dying career. The story is very touching, and how could you expect anything less than incredible from a character study piloted by Jeff Bridges. The film has a very organized focus on Bridges' character but he is also backed by a fantastic supporting cast. Maggie Gyllenhaal plays an aspiring reporter who interviews Blake, only to fall in love with him shortly after. Her performance is equally touching and feels so real alongside Bridges. Colin Farrell plays Tommy Sweet, an old friendship of Bad Blake's that went sour somewhere along the line. And then of course there is the small yet significant role of Bad Blake's long time old fishing buddy Wayne, played by the masterful Robert Duvall. The limited number of scenes between Bridges and Duvall are some of the best and most sincere of the movie. Crazy Heart is a great film to watch in order to see fantastic actors do what they do best... act.

The character development in Crazy Heart embodies the film's strong suit, which is the wonderful acting ability of the cast. There is not a moment when you don't believe in these characters and you truly feel that they are sincere and real. It is also just so incredibly satisfying to watch legends like Bridges and Duvall act side by side in beautiful and perfectly fitting roles such as these. The story of Bad Blake itself is very interesting, but the characters are where the heart and soul of the film lay. The plot leaves something to be desired, but it doesn't fault the movie as much as it could when you have such great actors filling the roles of such articulated characters. Admittedly, the film drags a bit towards the middle and the climax of the film doesn't hit as hard as I would have liked, but it leads into a cathartic and slightly cheesy ending, which leaves you wanting more, but emotionally satisfying nonetheless.

Now, I am not a fan of country music at all, but in the context of this film I absolutely loved it. It is so beautiful and touching that it would almost be a crime to say you didn't like the music while watching its fitting place in this film. And as if I haven't praised the actors in this film enough, I have to give even more kudos to Bridges and Farrell who took voice lessons to sing their own songs in the film, and holy crap do they sound amazing. You would think Jeff Bridges had been a country singer all his life. If you're not a fan of country music I wouldn't recommend listening to the music before you see the movie. But after you see just how perfect the soundtrack fits the film you will love the music. The music makes this film all the more sincere and is one of the only contexts I will ever enjoy country music.

Crazy Heart isn't perfect, but I'm willing to go as far to say that Jeff Bridges is. I can get past the imperfections of the storyline and the slight melodramatic feel the last third of the film emanates when the film boasts a cast as good as this. This is a solid film that is a pure delight to watch. And best of all, it nabbed Jeff Bridges a long overdue Oscar win.

Reviewed by vorlac 6 / 10

great act

Thomas A very successful film adapted from COBB's novel. Jeff bridges is now rock bottom, playing a famous country singer for a while. A four-year-old child who appears to be in love with the sign that life is waiting to change and change.

I had heard this issue before seeing the film in Istanbul, and frankly it was a little ordinary to me when I looked at it. But choosing the film was more effective than the Jeff bridges in the mix. The man is still very good, as always, and the golden sphere that he has received deserves it to the end. He plays a very challenging role as a child's playboy, and the songs we have listened to throughout the film are like the Collin Farrell, which he says directly, and in this, we can call it an up version of the character big Lebesgue, it reminded. For example, the first sensation is the drop-off stage of the loo ...

I will not go on to mention the story of Colin Farrell, Filmin is definitely a weak link himself. I have heard criticism of bad actors about him for years, but this prejudice has never occurred and I can see clearly that the phone booth filming is very fond of me, but plays a relatively simple role, except for the parts he says in this movie.

In fact, it has come very successfully from a very high risk of being overly sensitive to the viewer's detachment from the film. Maggie gallantly is the best assistant actress in this film, as it is in the previous films, especially stranger than fiction, although she is not the only one who is the only Oscar nominee for film in, Ryan Bingham in the role of the lead singer of the band who accompanied the bad Blake in the bowling alley in the film was also nominated for the best film music for the best film music with the weary kind name piece written for the film at the end.

A movie full of natural, beautiful and music that needs to be watched.

Reviewed by Robin 9 / 10

Ughh it's awful, and so damned good

It drops you right in there, in the uncomfortable stuff you don't want to see or feel but what can you expect from some of the best actors.

They're so good you kinda have no choice, you're gonna feel it, raw, awful, wonderful.

I like how this movie doesn't wallow aimlessly in the shallow nonsense that's too often out there these days it seems that we have to wade through to find a decent movie. Or drop you into a chaotic depressing movie, and then it ends there..confusingly..with no point...that's not art, it's a writer on drugs and producers with no grey cells.

It's so damn good to be able to rely on real stuff, true talent and brilliant movies from these guys.

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