Dennis the Menace


Action / Comedy / Family

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Lea Thompson as Mrs. Alice Mitchell
Devin Ratray as Mickey
Christopher Lloyd as Switchblade Sam
Natasha Lyonne as Polly
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gavin-thelordofthefu-48-460297 6 / 10

Uneven with it's story, but not as bad as some say it is

There are some things that went wrong with this film and I never read the comic strip, but I don't think it's as bad as everyone says it is. I'll start off with the positives.

The acting on the whole isn't that bad. Walter Matthau did a good job as Mr. Wilson as did Robert Stanton, Lea Thompson and Joan Plowright, but I think that Mason Gamble steals the show as the most likable title character who got the personality and characterization right. Even his chemistry with Walter Matthau was decent. Also, Christopher Lloyd was very sinister as the main villain and he steals the show as well. The scenery is nice and it has some nice cinematography. I also liked the music from Jerry Goldsmith. Not the best here, but still worth listening.

However, the story, while having its nice moments, falls into the predictable zone and the script feels flat and would've been so much better. Some of the humor gave me some chuckles (Dennis causing some trouble to Mr. Wilson and the baked beans farting scene), but some of them lacked wit and the pacing was very mediocre.

Overall, uneven with it's story and pacing, but not as bad as some say it is. I'm giving this a 6/10 because of it's likable cast and some nice scenery.

Reviewed by chriskilla 9 / 10

Underrated film, must watch!

Giving it a 9 to bump it up a bit. It is a 7,5 otherwise.

I really like this film, when i was a kid i loved it. But even now when i am old i def can c the charm in this movie. It has great humor , nice environments , small town genre that i like. It makes you feel like you want to live there.

Just a nice enjoyable film.

Reviewed by Sal Souls 8 / 10


I know a lot of people bash this movie, and it is nothing special, but we thought it was a charming and (at least occasionally) very funny movie to "waste" an hour and a half on. I didn't even know John Hughes did this one until I visited this page! But I'm not surprised because, like many of John Hughes's other movies, this big screen adaptation of Dennis the Menace is funny, well written and on top of that it also has a lot of "heart" to boot.

Christopher Lloyd being in the movie was a nice surprise and he does a very good job as the comic criminal foil to Dennis. I felt bad for him even while laughing at his pain. (He is basically like the wet bandits characters from the Home Alone series Hughes also did, though the first Home Alone is better than this.) Walter Matthau is fantastic as always in the role of a bitter, sourpuss type of old man neighbour, who Dennis is always annoying and damaging the property of.

It's predictable and not very serious but there are lots of good family friendly laughs with a good story and performances, and it hits the spot.

It even has a big, stinky flower!

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