Cube Zero


Drama / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.7 10 36286

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Diego Klattenhoff as Quigley
Zachary Bennett as Eric Wynn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by morphion2 3 / 10

Not Awful, but Unnecessary

Following the release of Cube 2: Hypercube (2003), and playing off the alleged success of the original Cube (1998), Director Ernie Barbarash takes the liberty of bringing us the third installment in the trilogy, the prequel Cube Zero.

Deep in the bowels of a giant and faceless institution, time and place unknown, two low-ranking operators, Wynn (Zachary Bennett) and Dodd (David Huband) sit and observe on monitors the behavior of people that have been placed in a giant network of cubic chambers, some of which are rigged with death traps. Told that the people they are observing are convicted felons who chose this horrific and deadly ordeal over a lethal injection, these observers have had no problem with their jobs until Wynn, a mathematical genius, discovers that one of the prisoners, a woman named Cassandra (Stephanie Moore) never agreed to be put inside the Cube. Suddenly it's realized that perhaps their "jobs" are not what they seem, and that they may be part of something deeply sick and twisted...

For people that have seen and enjoyed the original Cube, this prequel will probably not be to your liking. It's not that the story does not have potential; it's simply that the first Cube film never needed to be expanded on. Standing alone, it is a neat little psychological thriller with very interesting concepts and a certainty about its own message. It was also nicely self-contained. The problem with Cube Zero is that it destroys some of the mystique of the original, attempting to answer questions with more questions but only really resulting in making a mess of what never needed fixing.

What this new film has to offer, which is questions about the psychological nature of authoritarianism and the banality of evil, certainly are good questions to be raised, but probably should have been done so on their own merits, rather than as a continuation of a film that had no such aspirations.

Having said this, the other traits of the film, such as acting and direction and writing, are not awful. There is a bleak, dark look to the film akin to such film noir as 'The Matrix' and 'Dark City', and they have certainly managed to recapture the claustrophobic feeling of the first Cube. Unfortunately for Barbarash, these are not enough positive qualities to save it.

Reviewed by Kezzizzle 8 / 10

I preferred this one

Well, after glancing over a few of these comments...there aren't a lot of people who actually like this film. Which I am personally quite surprised at as me and my boyfriend found this film to be the best of the Cube series.

I got the Cube box set for Christmas and I always look forward to watching a good movie. I had already seen Cube 1, so not much shocked me...bearing in mind, the first time I watched it, I was fairly disturbed...putting myself in their position...waking up in a huge cube not knowing how you got there.

Then there was Cube 2, not much happened in this film...I didn't like the fact there weren't any traps as good as the first film.

Then there is Cube Zero...a film that can get very confusing in places, but pieces itself together gradually, and actually explains WHY these people are in the cube, how they got there, and what happens when/if they get out. In Cube Zero, there are 2 guys hired to watch over the people in the Cube...they have files on what looks like everyone who has ever been in the ask yourself "why would anyone want to watch over a bunch of people dieing in a cube?"...well you find that out also.

I personally think that the makers of the 'SAW' series got some of their ideas from the Cube series. I mean, when you think about it...strangers waking up in a room, not knowing how they got there at first, having to find a way out of this rooms else they'll die. Pretty similar scenarios if you ask me.

I'm not going to go into too much detail, as I don't really want to confuse people...but it's advised that you definitely must see the first one to make a connection to Cube Zero.

Reviewed by sarastro7 3 / 10

Crap, quite simply

The first Cube movie was an art movie. It set up a world in which all the major archetypes of mankind were represented, and showed how they struggled to make sense of a hostile world that they couldn't understand. It was, on the non-literal level, a "man vs. cruel nature" plot, where the individual who represented innocence and goodness came through in the end, triumphing to face a new, indefinable world beyond man's petty squabbles; a world where there were no more struggle, but peace. I rated Cube a 10 out of 10, and it's a movie that was never meant to have any sequels.

The second movie, Hypercube was a massive disappointment. Some of the ideas were kind of cool, but in the context of the original movie, both the story and the setting made no sense and had no meaning. Still, for being fairly entertaining, I rated it a 5 out of 10.

The third movie, Cube Zero, while ignoring the second, plays like a vastly inferior commercial B-movie rehash of the first, sans the symbolism. There is no "homage" or "tribute" here; there is only ripping off. The same kind of plot, with some elements idiotically altered (like having letters instead of prime numbers between the cubes - an idea which shows more clearly than anything else that this is a rip-off with absolutely no originality and nothing to say).

That we see something from "behind the scenes" means nothing, because the watchers are just part of the Big Bad Experiment, the architects of which we hear nothing of. And, in this movie, those who get through to the exit (like Kazan did at the end of the first movie) are just killed - where the *bleep* is the sense in that?! That's just flippin' stupid. Pointless.

The production values and acting in Cube Zero are not too bad, but the story and the ideas are so utterly devoid of any inspiration that this movie can only get from me a rating of 3 out of 10.

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