Happy Log


Action / Adventure / Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.9 10 32


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by deloudelouvain 1 / 10

Garbage with a capital G.

I have the honor to be the first reviewer for this movie. I'm surprised actually as most of the times for really bad B-movies you always get extremely positive reviews from people that were involved or knew somebody that was involved in the making or acting of the movie. This time not and that's the positive note about Happy Log, at least everybody had the decency not trying to trick you in watching this absolute garbage of a movie. The only positive thing about Happy Log are the vintage cars that drive through the streets. All the rest is a waste of your time. The acting is beyond bad, I don't think you can actually rate this kind of acting, if this is a B-movie then those are Z-actors. The two main characters, the kids Caleb Meadows and Brock Patrick Kaufman, are probably the most annoying kids that ever appeared in a movie. It's bad of another level. Whilst watching this movie, if you can call this a movie, I was just hoping somebody would kill those two little brats, preferably in the most horrible way, so that I would get some kind of satisfaction. But the rest of the cast was also terrible as was everything else, the decor, the props, the story, the conversations, everything was just complete and utter garbage. It's rare that I rate a movie the lowest possible but this one deserves it like no other.

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