Long Lost


Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 60%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 91%
IMDb Rating 5 10 536


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Fran Kranz as Mystery Man
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by craig-ahrens 9 / 10

What a fun ride

Where do I even begin... this film was erotic, weird, thrilling, creepy, suspenseful, sexual, provocative and I could go on. I loved the creepy "brother". He played weird so incredibly well. The cast was only 4 people which you don't realize because this is such a terrific film. It wasn't until towards the end that it really hit. I loved the way this film was shot, the acting was exceptional and it had a wonderful story. This film did it for me. I'm glad to give this film a big thumbs up.

Reviewed by Markyajv 4 / 10

I tried to follow the positives.

This movie is dreck. Slooooooooow, annoying main male character, and this twist ending I saw coming and even if I hadn't it would not be the "Surprise" that some reviewers make it out. It does nothing to make the movie any better. I recommend you pass on this. It's just stupid.

Reviewed by jstevens-89235 10 / 10

The unpredictability is the only thing predictable from start to finish

"Long Lost", the feature film written and directed by two-time Emmy winner, Erik Bloomquist, is drawing rave critical reviews as a must- see - and then a must-see again - in order to truly appreciate and tease out the subtle complexities and multiple layers of plot contradictions, psychological intrigue, disturbing characterizations and pretentious hollow venue. The superb acting, sinister character and plot implications unwit and confound the viewer in a venue that both invites and intimidates. "What am I missing?" confronts the viewer throughout, both intellectually and emotionally, until the shocking unanticipated ending which only begins to answer the pervasive question. Watch alone if you dare, or watch with a few friends as the discussion will surely be rousing, with a rewatch creating heightened scrutiny. This is not your typical psychological thriller; find out why.

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