A Thousand Acres



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Jennifer Jason Leigh as Caroline Cook
Jessica Lange as Ginny Cook Smith
Michelle Pfeiffer as Rose Cook Lewis
Colin Firth as Jess Clark
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by CineMan-8 6 / 10

Superb performances by the two leads

I was really looking forward for this picture since i heard that Michelle Pfeiffer and Jessica Lange would star together. But when i eventually went to see it i must say i was a bit disappointed. I don't say that the movie was bad ,but the fact that i expected much more from it , make me regard it an average movie. The direction was very poor and the editing unacceptable. The adaption seemed to lack in many ways and Jennifer Jason Leigh was unbearable. But seeing Pfeiffer ang Lange together on screen made me forget everything. These two great actresses proved for once more their talent. When you see them together on screen you forget all the disadvantages the movie has and there's nowhere else you want to be. They both deserved Oscar nominations and Lange probably the award too. Jason Robards though not as good as in some of his previous roles was great too.

Reviewed by KissEnglishPasto 9 / 10

Slight Spoiler Summary: TABOO Undercurrent Probable Cause for Being Incredibly Underrated!

......... ........... ............ ............ ............. from Pasto,Colombia...Via: L.A. CA...and ORLANDO, FL

Despite having seen A Thousand Acres in a theater 16 years ago, for some reason, I blocked it out and had little recollection of it. Funny how we humans often block things out. In fact, I'd like to call ACRES a "Human Flick"...(As opposed to...you know what!) Nothing compares to a movie that consistently refuses to follow your expectations. At least for me, from beginning to end, despite having seen it before, I just couldn't get it right! KUDOS to ACRES.

Produced by, Based on a novel written by, Screenplay by, Directed by and Starring WOMEN! YES...They do it ALL!...A job exquisitely well-done, I might add! From the onset, it's obvious that patriarch Larry Cook (Jason Robards, Jr., in one of his last really meaty, showcase roles) together with his three daughters; played masterfully by Jessica Lange, Michelle Pfeiffer and Jennifer Jason Leigh (Stunning ensemble performance); form an utterly dysfunctional family. Apparently, the premature death of Larry's wife, the girls' mother, when they were all children, served as the defining event in all their lives, derailing each member and hurtling them into disparate realities; The operative word here being, "Apparently".

Robards is inspired as the old-school, ironfisted farmer, who, because of his age, is beginning to show a few cracks, starting to lose his grip. Probably sensing this, the old-man pulls the rug out from everyone when he announces at a family dinner that he has decided to screw the government out of inheritance taxes on his choice Thousand Acres by forming a corporation where each daughter is an equal partner.

All his daughters are stunned, but the two eldest go along with the idea. Caroline, the youngest, who happens to be a lawyer, exercising professional caution, says she'd like to think it over a bit. The old man is beside himself, causing him to set off a chain of events. There is a very deftly handled undercurrent that adds a potent dose of tension to the film throughout. Phenomenal ending, however, judging from the IMDb 5.9 Rating, it seems a lot of viewers don't agree!


Any comments, questions or observations, in English or Español, are most [email protected]

Reviewed by djbenton-1 10 / 10

A Gem of a Film - severely underrated!

Having watched this film years ago, it never faded from my memory. I always thought this was the finest performance by Michelle Pfeiffer that I've seen. But, I am astounded by the number of negative reviews that this film has received. After seeing it once more today, I still think it is powerful, moving and couldn't care less if it is "based loosely on King Lear".

I now realize that this is the greatest performance by Jessica Lange that I've ever seen - and she has had accolades for much shallower efforts.

A Thousand Acres is complex, human, vibrant and immensely moving, but surely doesn't present either of the primary female leads with any touch of glamour or "sexiness". I don't think this is well received in these times.

Perhaps one reason for this film's underwhelming response lies in the fact that the writer (Jane Smiley(, screenplay (Laura Jones), and director (Jocelhyn Moorehouse) are all women. I know that, in my younger days, I wouldn't have read a book written by a woman. I didn't focus on this fact until years later.

If you haven't seen this movie or gave it a chance in the past, try watching it anew. Maybe you are ready for it.

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