Lover's Concerto


Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 80%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jenlim 8 / 10

watch it and weep

get your Kleenex. you'll need it.

if you haven't seen this movie, let this be the last review you read before you watch it. don't watch the trailers too; this movie is best seen when you have no idea what it's about. i must have gone "what???" at least four times in this movie. that's a good thing, since most movies nowadays don't have many surprises. one twist? two? try four, or five, depending on how well you can predict what'll happen.

the acting was pretty okay, and the art direction is pleasant. you will have no trouble at all keeping your eyes glued to the screen, except for the necessary dabs here and there. even with the cheesy factor, my sister and i still cried a lot while watching this movie. my brother cried a little, and my cousin who's hell bent on not crying didn't cry but with a lot of effort.

it's funny because i don't think anyone can truly relate to the characters in this movie, because the situation in lover's concerto is pretty unique. but the emotions are familiar and you'll have no trouble at all (crying along with the cast).

Reviewed by cambridgiano 7 / 10

The two girls are actually two girls (don't be confused by the flashback)

Flashback: when the two girls were children, they decided to swap their names. The subtitles say "his" and not "her name" for one of them. That doesn't mean that one of the girls was actually a boy: in the simplicity of their childhood, one of them firstly thought that the other girl was a boy, by mistake. Just that! Or, at least, that's what i understood!

I enjoyed the film, it shows how the characters who look at the beginning so naive, actually are very deep and hide a difficult part of their life, the illness. Also it shows how it is difficult to communicate your own feelings. The photography is amazing. I think it was too sad in the end. Also the plot become quite complicated with all those flashbacks. Very emotional, however.

Reviewed by Desertman84 10 / 10

Romantic Relationship Among Friends

Lovers Concerto is a film that tackles the intricacies that romance can bring among friends. It makes the viewers realize on how changes can occur when it enters the hearts among a group of friends and the effect it brings to their friendship.

Twenty-year-old student Ji-hwan treasures nothing more than his camera and taking pictures. One day Su-in and Kyung-hee appear in front of his camera lense. Even though their characters are totally different they understand how to compliment each other. Ji-hwan falls for Su-in at first sight, however meets her kind rejection. Yet, it doesn't affect their relationship at all because they are both still young. As the years go by, the threesome establish a close and sincere relationship, which is suddenly heading for a few minor changes

The movie presents it in a very realistic way and does not add cheesy elements to it. The acting was great. The stellar cast of Cha Tae-hyun, Son Ye-jin and the late Lee Eun-joo did extremely well on their roles. Another great ingredient added to the film is the rural setting for it allowed the characters involved to see to in a simplistic way and without the effects of modern life.

It deserves a 10 out of 10 rating!!! A must-see and highly recommended!!!!

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