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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 4 / 10

I can make my own bad decisions

Kate Naylor (Whitney Able) lives with her loving girlfriend (Alex Breckenridge) in NYC. It is clear Kate has all kind of issues and may be unstable. When NYC goes dark during the 2003 blackout, our authors spring into action and use this as symbolism as emotionally and mentally, Kate is in a dark place. Get it. It would be soooo Indie clever if it hadn't been done a gazillon times before.

What we don't find out is Kate's real issues as she describes her life's problem in the abstract. We hear her say these clever Indie lines like, "I tried to be different" and my all time favorite, worth Indie extra bonus credit "I'm the real me." We have a long drawn out boring scene, not to be confused with the rest of the film outside of the opening lesbian sex scene, where our yoga instructor is smoking a cigarette while talking to a guy who may or may not be there. Here she is saying lines that don't match up with her lips, i.e. she has a cigarette in her mouth while we hear her speaking. That is fine, but I don't know is this by design, i.e. a clue that the guy is not there and she is crazy, or is this some bad over dubbing because they decided to write in some lines post production.

If you like watching people buy paper towels and crazy people talking to themselves but not really saying anything, then this film is for you. I couldn't get past someone creating another artsy film and just going through the motions they learned the first day of film school.

Guide: Swearing, F/F sex nudity (Whitney Able, Alex Breckenridge)

Reviewed by RussHog 7 / 10

Amazing performance from lead actress

This is a solid psychological thriller - with more intelligence than scares - but there are some good jumps and it is a well earned slow burn.

The premise is that our hero is a woman lives with her girlfriend - the only problem is that she may have some unwillingness to want to be in the relationship - and may be attracted to men. The girlfriend goes out of town - and our hero has some time to self reflect - the only problem is that NYC has a blackout. While she is able to cope initially - she begins to suspect a man is stalking her - and her mind descends into madness - or is she sane and there really is something wrong?

Whitney Able really owns this movie - almost the entire film is her reactions - and she really really deserves credit for her work in this film. I cannot remember the last time I watched a movie where the acting held the project together - as the script and the cinematography are both very well done - but this entire projects hinders on the performance of the lead actress and she really - really does an outstanding job.

If you want blood and slasher - this may not be for you. This is an intelligent art-house film with a helluva performance - and a very well earned suspenseful final act.

Reviewed by songod-95003 3 / 10

Could have been a winner...

I give this film a 3 only because of Whitney Able's performance. Had this been a better written better executed film she may have won a Golden Globe or perhaps even gotten an Academy nod. Instead because of poor marketing coupled with boring as heck story telling this goes ignored; except by people like me who get taken in by the poster that makes it seem like a horror movie set during the 2003 NYC blackout.

Do not be fooled by the IMDb categorization of this as a horror movie nor as a thriller. It is neither. It is a tale of a woman with some undisclosed and never talked about mental condition who, blackout or not, losing her grip on sanity as a single night passes.

That is right. The blackout has nada to do with her fall from sanity. She is not afraid of the dark (she actually goes out to a bar during the event). She is not seeing dead people in the dark. The blackout featured in the packaging and promo has nothing to do with her state of mind.

The film starts and stops. It seems to be going somewhere and then, no, we're back hanging out in the candle lit apartment. We're taken on a trip out a window and part way down a fire escape only to be, yes you guessed it, right back in the apartment again.

The cherry on top is yet another NON ENDING. We are not quite exactly certain what happened as it is undefined. We are left to ASSUME Kate took a hammer and boom boxed (she smashes a boom box with the hammer) another character but... did she? Is she imagining it? Are we seeing what she is seeing or what she is imagining?? Before the camera can reveal the truth... the credits roll.

Whatever happened to writers actually coming up with clever or decisive endings?? If you're looking for a psych tale of a young woman losing her mind over the course of an evening then this film is for you! If you want a thriller or horror film... stay away!

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